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262 days ago.
by slinky

2016: Obama's America

Personally I'm not much into political based documentaries but this film seems to be garnering as much attention as anything Michael Moore has put out. What's your opinion on the politics of the film? The author? How the film itself was done and looks?


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"No one I know wakes up in the morning and cries over the eternally changing climate."

You know why that is? Its because for a long time the climate has been fairly normal in its patterns.

Global warming is going to change that.

Also we really haven't seen anything real bad happen yet because of climate change .

Posted 920 days ago.


On the climate change issue there is an interesting thing to think about.

How much of what comes out of left leaning channels is in response to what the right leaning channels are saying about the issue?

Posted 920 days ago.


Ugh..Ithink. Is it really about what's going on in someone's bedroom?

That statement makes it look like the focus of your and others disagreement with homosexuality is all about the sexual aspects of the issue.

I'd like to see how many cases you can cite where someone was trying to describe or outline what goes on in a homosexuals bedroom.

The issue is about freedom to do as they wish without reprisal or discrimination.

Not the sexual proclivities of same sex couples.

Alas the only reason the sexual aspects of same sex couples is an issue is because rightwingers are making it an issue.

Posted 920 days ago.


“Why do I need to be told daily, over and over, what some dumb sports star is doing in his bedroom? Truly, I don't want to know.”

Ah, Ithink. You’ve captured my sentiments. I refuse to develop an appetite for the national diet of salacious stories.

That’s why I prefer print news to TV. It’s easier to avoid trivial stories. With print, we don’t have to wait for the next story; we get to move on when we, not some NYC programmer, decide.

Posted 920 days ago.

Climate change is kept on the front pages by the media and the democrats. To us the people, it always comes in last in the polls, in importance..No one I know wakes up in the morning and cries over the eternally changing climate.

Instead of issues important to us all, like improving the economy, we are blasted every day with special interest concerns that do not have any effect on the major problems of our country. First they tell us to stay out of their bedroom and then they shove us in it. I would love to stay out. Why do I need to be told daily, over and over, what some dumb sports star is doing in his bedroom? Truly, I don't want to know.

Controlling our minds and our money is the only objective I see coming from this administration and the media.

Posted 920 days ago.


Yup, myth. Insurance lobbies' basically got what they wanted, when they wrote the ACA.

Posted 921 days ago.


I mean people really need to consider the loyalty of their fellow country to themselves and everyone else.

This is a topic that gets no mention anywhere.

If a company can employ Americans and pay a decent wage why don't they?

Greed is why. So that being the case what are they more loyal to money or their country.

Like these bankers and people in the Financial industry. They knew what they were doing was dangerous to the system yet the kept at it. Where is their loyalty?

In my eyes I have more respect for a terrorist than I do some of those folks.

At least a terrorist is operating on principle. A lot of the people in this country...its all about the money.

And using that money to take control of the system in my opinion is sedition.

People don't realize how undermined the foundations of our nation are now.

Posted 921 days ago.


I dont think due to the highly charged political divide in this country people realize how utterly compromised our government is.

Right or left it doesn't matter.

Also I often wonder if some problems aren't engineered or fomented just to keep the people off balance so that they don't notice other things going on.

The furious debate around climate change could be one of these issues. Instigators could very well be working both sides to keep it at a boil so that people are caught up in that debate rather than taking on other more pressing issues.

Like corruption in government.

Posted 921 days ago.


I actually haven't voiced my support for Obama all that much.

My game in all of this more often than not is pointing out the petty attacks hurled at Obama.

Obama is deserving of a lot of criticism. And some of his actions are troubling.

But for me its not even a surprise.

Its not a surprise because I realize that at this point in time any president whether they be Democrat or Republican is compromised. What we see going on isn't leadership.

Take the ACA for example. Obama talked of a single payer system at one point. As everyone can see that didn't happen. Instead we got what I am pretty sure is a insurance company lobbied and designed health care system.

Like all things in this country money does the talking. And our politicians are all ears when it comes to that.

I mean how else does companies like those in the banking industry almost wreck the economy and get away with not only a slap on the wrist but they come out having even more power over the system.

Posted 921 days ago.

Turley is a democrat who voted for obama. He is now extremely worried about obama's actions. Hardly a right wing type. Funny how you know nothings still try to support obama, the failure. Democrats running for office are hiding from him.

Look at his record, and squirm. His majesty, obama, and his pen. He changes laws. Unlawfully, of course.

Posted 922 days ago.


Saying that Obama acts like a King is pretty interesting.

Seems like to me he is trying to accomplish things. Debate and disagreement is expected. But the right has made a sport of doing nothing on purpose just to mess things up for Obama.

Seems to me the game of making Obama a one term president is still afoot.

Its just a childish game of getting mad because of a loss of power and then setting out to make it impossible for the other side to accomplish anything just out of spite.

Posted 922 days ago.


Due to the proclivities of people like yourself. I feel it pertinent to point out that because of the heightened state of partisanship within the conservative ranks you folks can not see Obama in anything but a foul light.

Also if a Republican was doing the same exact thing as Obama....all we would hear from you guys would be silence.

Hypocrisy is rife within the GOP.

Posted 922 days ago.

Little people try to make themselves more important by tearing down a successful professional person like Megyn Kelly. Obama tears down himself, on the otherhand.

J Turley didn't seem to worry about his credibilty being hurt by being on her show last night. Neither did the other distinguished guests.

Thinking people are more worried about having a president who acts like a king.

Posted 922 days ago.


What news corporation tried to get a law in Canada taken off the books that makes the news networks etc report factual information?

FOX NEWS is who! Or rather News Corp.

That speaks volumes to their reliability.

They're a bunch of partisan hacks that wanted to take their brand of "news" up north and drive a wedge between the people like they did down here.

Thats a fact.

Posted 922 days ago.


Who actually cites MSNBC as a source on here?

I know I don't. LOL!

Sorry but its a fact that can be proven. Fox News lies and misrepresents facts about issues all the time.

Its hilarious though when you guys hold MSNBC up and use it as your whipping pole!

HELLO! I dont care about MSNBC! And if others use it as their source and cite it as their source I guess you can then say something....but we all know its just because guys need something to blow wind at.

Posted 922 days ago.


Ithink, you probably could vastly raise your creditability if you were to just quit reveling your source of information. Such as Megan Kelly, fox news, etc.

Posted 922 days ago.

Meghan kelly is really lowering the boom on obama's lawlessness tonight. Hopefully the right people will take action.

Posted 923 days ago.


Ithink...franky as much as i like him...Judge Napolitano is as about as useful to me as a wet piece of bread while making a sandwich. i don't need someone who is a judge to tell me that what some is doing is unconstitutional...i need someone that knows the law to do something about it. should he not know any recourse against his accusation of infraction? apathy on the part of the citizens and inaction by both houses is indicative of either laziness, approval or both. Kendall78 is correct.

Posted 923 days ago.


shhhhh...speaking in a whisper...they are afraid that they will be called the dreaded "r" word if they protest. you know "racist'. as elmer fudd would say "be very quiet" when being critical of the president. the fear that exists surrounding any criticism of this president seems to be on track to setting a precedence which may carry over to any future non-traditional president. Kim Jong Un would be proud.

Posted 923 days ago.

Only a liberal would think that laziness and approval are synonyms.

Posted 923 days ago.

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