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17 days ago.
by slinky

2016: Obama's America

Personally I'm not much into political based documentaries but this film seems to be garnering as much attention as anything Michael Moore has put out. What's your opinion on the politics of the film? The author? How the film itself was done and looks?


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My hatred for twisters of the truth and hypocrites causes me to call a Spade "a Spade".

Posted 128 days ago.


Here's the commentary by Obama, in a reaction to a question from a reporter about possibly revoking Bill Cosby's Metal of Freedom, because of accusations of rape.

Obama responded with, "and, as you know, I tend to make it a policy not to comment on the specifics of cases where there might still be, if not criminal then civil issues involved..." OH!, REALLY!!!

Well that must have been a presidential impersonator commenting on the Cambridge, Mass. Police, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, WHILE THE CASES WERE IN PROGESS.

It's just more evidence that we have a Prince of Liars, rather than a decent human being as OUR President.

h ttp://w ww.cnn.c om/2015/07/15/politics/obama-cosby-rape-medal-freedom/index.html

Posted 130 days ago.


"Martial Law: Obama Confiscates National Guard Helicopters From All 50 States"

h ttp://wealthydebates.c om/martial-law-obama-confiscates-national-guard-helicopters-50-states/

Posted 588 days ago.

“I'll agree 100% Obama is a failure as a leader for the most part.”

You got that right asknot!

Posted 611 days ago.

oneill, if the left wing fibbers in the media like nbc, cbs, abc, and pmsnbc would tell the truth obamas butt would of been sent down the road kicking cans a long time ago!

Those nations in the far east are asking everyone for help now so it hasn't got much to do with scientific knowledge They need more eyes in the sky ya know.

Posted 611 days ago.

Yes, myth. Russia will love a weak impotent USA. Maybe you haven't noticed. It is Russia who is blustering, not the right. I cringe when I think of the weaklings in control of our security since obama took over. Hagle, Kerry, obama, Clinton, Holder,et al. UGH!!!

Eternal climate change and golf wackos YUK

Posted 612 days ago.


Wait until after the election I'll have more flexibility. Defense missile systems or what is happening in these past few weeks? Ask yourself that question.

Posted 614 days ago.


Russia could be a danger to us. Its all in how we play it. Start posturing and making threats plus building the military up to take them on...would it be surprising to anyone that they would not choose to like us because of that?

But then again. I think a lot of the bluster on such subjects from the right is because they get off on having an adversary to go up against.

Of course a lot of the rightwing politicians have defense contractor lobbyists and defense industries in their districts.

Companies like that need conflict to stay in business.

Posted 624 days ago.


The president is really just a head piece for this nation. I feel the reason we aren't respected is because we are a nation of hypocrites and two faced schmucks and....have you seen the government lately?

Clown show anyone? All of them.

Other nations see that.

Posted 624 days ago.

It is not good for the security of our country when the leaders of strong foreign countries have no respect for the president of the USA. Doesn'r worry obama though. He is off to the Keys on another vacation.

I do make fun of obama's policies . But they are so dangerous . it is scary, not funny. Palin is made fun of by the dems and media. At least she knows how to pronounce corps, how to spell respect, how many states we have, and that Russia is a danger to us. You probably don't know about any of thos things. Google, don't ask me to look up easily found gaffes for you.

Posted 624 days ago.


"Do you have a problem with Putin doing that? Do you support Putin doing that?"

Oh's ok when a Far Righty makes fun of Obama...they are American. Some Russkie could say the exact word for word insult and it would be wrong then.

Posted 626 days ago.


Yeah..talking to a bunch of young people at an unimportant meeting and making a momentary comment is so hostile and demeaning.Heck, if the translator evn got it right. He stumbled early in the beginning, right where the audience chuckled.

Posted 626 days ago.


For what its worth I'm just glad a Republican isn't in office. We'd probably already be at war.

Posted 627 days ago.


Let me interject here a moment on the aspect of Obama being made fun of.

The right has made the act of making fun of Obama a sport for themselves.

Do you have a problem with Putin doing that? Do you support Putin doing that?

Posted 627 days ago.

h ttp://w om/watch?v=4SoH4MVkh9w

"Putin makes fun of Obama and the Syrian attack on G20 "

Search for sites if you want to know.

h ttp://w ww.rushlimbaugh.c om/daily/2014/03/03/putin_makes_a_fool_of_obama_and_the_drive_bys_are_nervous_about_it

Posted 627 days ago.


"And Putin makes fun of obama."


Posted 627 days ago.

The ship itself is military equipment and we have no idea what all was on board. And Putin makes fun of obama. Weakness has no benefits.

Posted 627 days ago.


I will tell you this luvthesouth. I get the expres feeling that ol Putin is on the path to restoring the Soviet force if need be.

That being said I wont be surprised if we find ourselves in another cold war in the not too distant future.

I'm not worried though. I know for a fact we got weapons systems up our sleeves that are rather sly.

One was reportedly used in the Kosovo conflict and hasn't been seen since.

An EMP bomb. So who knows what else is out there.

Posted 627 days ago.


True luvthesouth. But to be honest I'm not really dismissive about the spy ship. I'm not alarmed either.

Being a student of military history....things like this aren't much of surprise to me.

I think a lot of what went on in the Cold War between Russia and us is below the majority of peoples radar.

Take for example the cases were American aircraft were shot down by the Soviets back then. 75 airmen lost their lives in those incidents. If that didn't lead to war...well that tells me theres a lot leeway in the business between our two countries.

A war between us would be ruinous to a large swath of the world. So the game is played if you know what I mean.

Posted 627 days ago.


That is why I said "when" Ithink. You can keep your yellow till then.

Posted 628 days ago.

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