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by Stillhere

2016: Obama's America

Personally I'm not much into political based documentaries but this film seems to be garnering as much attention as anything Michael Moore has put out. What's your opinion on the politics of the film? The author? How the film itself was done and looks?


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Posted 551 days ago.


I bet you are thinking that I am going to name politicians right? Nope.

I've seen and heard countless jokes that are racist and make Obama the subject of them. I've seen pictures sent around in text messages depicting Obama in racist manners. With my own ears I have heard people call him every racist name in the book.

And that is just from the locals that I have been around.

Whats funny is the forcefulness that Obama was rejected by the rightwing folks. It went beyond a simple difference of opinion.

He represented a change from the norm that a lot of people on the right couldn't tolerate.

And it doesn't take too much thought to realize that the people I am talking about are in every state.

I mean why would people make their war cry "taking OUR country back"?

Posted 552 days ago.


But the truth of the matter is that what can you expect from a President when so much money is thrown at politicians trying to influence them? Especially Presidents.

Power tends to corrupt. And the corrupt tend to collect around the power structures of society.

Posted 552 days ago.


" He rode to fame on his race while decrying any criticism as racist."

More than a few conservatives were taking racist positions against Obama willfully.

There isn't any getting around the fact that many on the right hated him from the start before he was even elected.

Posted 552 days ago.


"Straw-donor cases have been brought against prominent individuals from time to time. For example, in 2011, a prominent Los Angeles attorney, Pierce O’Donnell, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of making $20,000 in donations to the presidential campaign of former Sen. John Edwards and reimbursing straw donors. " Washington Post. Fair is fair, except if you're a conservative.

Posted 552 days ago.


Dinesh D'Souza could have just asked the President regarding his assertions garnered from those he interviewed...i am certain we could expect nothing but truthfulness from President Obama. the Huffington Post printed a rebuttal concerning certain claims by the author which in their defense seemed to hold less water than the disputed "facts" concerning the President. i am still amazed at the meteoric rise from relative obscurity to the Presidency. it is almost as if he was groomed for the position by those who have the power to make such things happen...but that could never be true.

Posted 553 days ago.

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