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1054 days ago.
by Kendall78

Fort Boreman Park VS Point Park

Which park should Parkersburg be focusing on?


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I will say that I was proved to be wrong on this topic somewhat. I always thought pouring money into Point Park would be a waste but it turned out to be a good idea. The concert series alone made the whole thing worthwhile.

Though I do hope more development is given to Fort Borman area.

Posted 1054 days ago.

Fort Boreman and they need to start ASAP. Prime time spot with plenty of parking & easy access off 50.

Posted 1195 days ago.


With the cannons already in place Fort Boreman could repel any attack from Point Park. Higher elevation always easier to defend.

Posted 1199 days ago.


fort boreman and the surrounding area needs to be developed. That is a diamond in the county jewelry box.

Posted 1206 days ago.

Both are nice parks but Fort Boreman is not within the city limits of Parkersburg.

Posted 1232 days ago.


I like Fort Boreman and I also like Point Park. I would think that it would be better to focus on both if financially possible.

Posted 1234 days ago.

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