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Professional Sports

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837 days ago.
by Toehead
Bring back the good ol days!

Posts: 3 - You now how you stop professional teams from striking? Cut their salaries in half and make it part of their contracts that if they strike, "Their out of a job"!

849 days ago.
by Geezer
Saints to repeat as Super Bowl Champs! 2 DAT!

Posts: 1 - I believe the saints will repeat as the super bowl champs for the following reasons: - upgrade of receivers, all are now healthy and have two more newbies that are very good.

849 days ago.
by Geezer
Great comments from Media day

Posts: 1 - James Harrison, fined repeatedly for hard hits this season, had a message for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: "I don't want to hurt nobody.

849 days ago.
by Geezer
Opening Day of Baseball

Posts: 1 - There is nothing like baseball. I guess, we, the fans of baseball, can count our blessings that our season will not be ruined by a strike or lock out. Rejoice all ye fans of 9 innings and homeruns.

1718 days ago.
by Birmingham
Randy Moss Is Traded to Vikings

Posts: 0 - I'm not a NE Patriots fan anymore.