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Manchin, Toomey announce gun deal

April 10, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Two pivotal senators have announced a bipartisan deal on expanding background checks to more gun buyers....

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Apr-12-13 1:05 PM

Remington, RANDOM21 addressed the issue of name under the provision "must have Concealed posting permit if using any user name other than your real name".

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Apr-12-13 12:23 PM

Actually Toe that is a good idea no joking and how about putting our real names as we post?

I bet I know most of you on here

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Apr-12-13 10:03 AM

LOL RANDOM21, You forgot one. The addresses of all posters will be published.

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Apr-12-13 8:45 AM

Background checks with mental health referrals for all posters, seven day waiting period for posts to appear, no high capacity posts (ten words or less), no posting for another (straw posting), six forms of ID before posting , must have Concealed posting permit if using any user name other than your real name, and once a year minimum home visits to make sure your keyboards are locked up and children are not allowed unsupervised use or stray words lying around where they may cause undo harm to innocent bystanders.

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Apr-12-13 7:26 AM

If you're insinuating that I am those people you are mistaken. And, guns don't kill people, people kill people.

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Apr-11-13 10:58 PM

Why would theblueline26142, C8, "hindend",, etc. be complaining about someone changing their tag? It seems to me that several commenters have changed their title. If you stand by your opinion why do you change your name? Do they ban people for being annoying?

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Apr-11-13 9:29 PM

Here we go again. Forum is about Parkersburg and most of these good people can care less where I am living. I have family living there now as well as many friends that I used to play sports with. I can always meet you when I come in. My wife hated WV because people used to look at her like they saw a ghost. My kids were segregated from all of the other kids at a daycare facility, that upset us more then anything.we just decided to leave for a better life and more diversity. I will be there on Thanksgiving cheese puff. Until then, lets talk about what is going on in WV, because I will be coming home when I retire and I don't want the city to be in the drain when I come home

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Apr-11-13 5:43 PM

I could care less where you live, "Idiot"!

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Apr-11-13 4:47 PM

Toe head my bad but as I said it had been long time ago. I knew that their was talk about him spending time in jail whether he did or not I do not know because I left the state during that time frame.

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Apr-11-13 4:42 PM

Well you two idiots care so much where I live and to dispute it just makes my case: you both are truly idiots. You cannot fix dumb at all. When I do come in, I would live to meet you guys at Remedies or at the Sly Fox. There I can show you my drivers drivers liscence but you two would think I fabricated it. Boy, no wonder you and Denver are so wrong on these forums. I guess we found our dumb and dumber on these forums and they are Denver and whatever he changed his name lol lol

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Apr-11-13 4:40 PM

Remington, get your facts straight before making false misleading statements. A.James Manchin was never indicted by a criminal court, nor did he spend any time in prison.From Wikipedia "Elected State Treasurer in 1984, he created the Teddi Program which brought 28,000 new jobs to West Virginia.He was impeached by the House of Delegates on March 30, 1989, amid a controversy over bad investments that lost the state $279 million mainly during the time period between April and June 1987. The impeachment resolution blamed Manchin for negligence in delegating and supervising the investment fund, making improper investments and covering up losses.He resigned from office before the impeachment proceedings concluded thus ending the proceedings. A. James Manchin was the uncle of Senator Joseph "Joe" Manchin III."

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Apr-11-13 5:32 AM

And doesn't "Remington" sound like somebody that lived in Florida

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Apr-11-13 5:26 AM

"RANDOM21" what stops Psychos and felon from buying guns from the bulletin board.

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Apr-11-13 5:21 AM

Id like to know where "judgeroywv" gets his information.

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Apr-11-13 12:00 AM

Psychos and felon are already banned from possession of firearms. Making straw purchases for banned individuals is against the law. If President Obama hadn't evoked executive privilege, Eric Holder could be doing time for breaking this law. As Obama said to Sarah Brady, "We are doing things behind the scenes to deal with gun control." How many laws covering the same stuff does it take?

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Apr-10-13 10:35 PM

Our governor is indeed an idiot and yes we are close to it Brown is over in China begging for money so he can build a train for mass transportation He is driving the worlds largest manufacturing state in the ground because businesses are moving to AZ and TX instead

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Apr-10-13 9:31 PM

We are thinking about WV. How is Moon Beam Brown doing as gov? Is Calif still broke?How is the crime rate in L.A.Lay off WV ,I have lived in Calif

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Apr-10-13 9:23 PM

Gun owners, if this bill passes, you cannot seek pych help or tell you regular docs anything about your life and you must not tell them you own guns. If they are a lib, they will report you to the FBI and your rights will be stripped and you may get a visit from federal thugs. You will then have to go through and pay for the process to get you out of this. Before you all start pressing the disagree button, similar language to this exists in the law in NY and this is exactly what is happening now in that state, even to people who aren't getting drugs, just talking to a professional. There is also reports that some MD's are reporting people for no reason except they own a gun and show no mental issues. All this bill will do is drive people away from getting help for mental issues. As I said before, these bills are trojan horses, meant to strip citizens of their rights one owner at a time.

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Apr-10-13 9:00 PM

I have a question is this Joe related to AJames Manchin? The treasure that stole $5 million and went to jail? If it is what are you thinking people?

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Apr-10-13 8:47 PM

Live in Irvine ca 92614 ( Orange County) I have no need to lie and your statements saying I do not live in CA just makes you look like a fool

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Apr-10-13 7:53 PM


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Apr-10-13 7:29 PM

Kombat he will change his name again. Lol lol lol lol. The govt will never take away our weapons and I do have two M4's that hold twin mags of 30 rounds each. Do I need it.. YES because I live in a big city and only criminals understand firepower. The police are a joke, they shot and wounded two old ladies delivering mail when they mistakley thought they were Dorner (rest in peace )We the people have the right to own whatever we want. This blowhard wants to be a public servant with the wannabe Marines that drive around with the high and tight hair cuts to try to look snazzy for the women. Just ignore him and he will come back with a different name Thank You for serving Kombat

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Apr-10-13 6:29 PM

theblueline26142, C8,etc. etc........ you can change your user name but you still make the same injudicious posts!

Will they do background checks for steak knives if some whacko stabs? Will they regulate bleach if a psycho spews it all over a crowd?

Harsher punishment for the criminals is the only way to end violent crimes. These rules and regulations are punishing ONLY the innocent law abiding citizens!!

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Apr-10-13 4:34 PM

What about the hate against the inanimate objects? It's a poor mechanic who blames his tools. Proven is the point that when an anti-gun (safety) bill is about to be passed the lefts first reaction is to pass more restrictions in the next bill. Never satisfied, never will be. 32 background checks for every minute Obama has been in office. No wonder ammunition is in short supply.

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Apr-10-13 4:21 PM

haters of compromise are very welcome and at home here at this site/area!

the rhetoric present in the modern-day NRA/GOP old timers club is more like the first stage of a death rattle for the conservative movement. please, continue this strategy - it really helped kicking Obama outta office!

let me laugh out loud for ya.... good luck for the future of your party

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