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Sheriff to address animal control

Newell said changes likely won’t affect city

April 3, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Wood County Sheriff Ken Merritt says he will speak with county officials later this week about whether deputies will have to take over animal control in Wood County....

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Apr-04-13 9:56 AM

Feral cats around here aren't touching the mice. We're overrun with cats, the whole place smells like a litter box, there's cat hair, paw prints, and claw marks on all the vehicles. For the first time ever, we trapped a dozen mice in the house at the start of winter.

Our cat died a while back and we vowed not to get another because of the feral cat problem here.

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Apr-03-13 7:10 PM

feralcat equals wild animal capable of spreading rabies and biting children. animal control for these cats equals a 22 rifle, and a 3X9 scope.

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Apr-03-13 1:05 PM

Why is Newell inserting his comments into this? After all, he is the one who started this funding crisis by no longer funding the Humane Society! Why is Newell badmouthing the County Commissioners? No wonder people dispise this guy!

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Apr-03-13 12:28 PM

If ideas would pour in as much as criticism does, Parkersburg could have a town meeting, and have everyone who owns an animal come. I think the outcome would be usable. Instead of blaming him, her, they, them, and offer some humane advice, just maybe some good ideas would pop up. Maybe the fee's collected from people who have animals, could actually go to this cause! Crazy, maybe, has anyone got a better idea?

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Apr-03-13 9:52 AM

@Geezer: Clanger is right. In other words, the 3000 cats that were "dumped" (your word, certainly not mine) will never have kittens.

Also, these feral cats will be keeping the mice population down.

My cat, Schultz, is the best mouser I've ever had. He is not allowed outside anymore because he is also the best birder I've ever had, and I don't want him to kill the birds that eat the bugs that get on my plants in the garden.

Not only that, there is an alleged cat hater in the neighborhood, and I don't want my beautiful, sweet kitties to fall victim to such a scumbag.

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Apr-03-13 9:07 AM

spidercats2, forthebetter or what ever name you decide to use, you need to get over it. Wantabe Sandy is history. Where did Ken say he wanted to spend more money.

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Apr-03-13 7:47 AM

Geezer, If you had any idea about animal control, you would understand that those cats are what are called "feral cats". These are cats that someone else has dumped and they have managed to survive on their own. Save a Kitty traps them, spays/neuters them, and then releases them back to their feral colony, thus preventing any more kittens from being born. This is much more humane than just euthanizing them. Most of these cats have lived on their own for a long time, and have not been socialized to live in a family. Or would you just rather we murder them all?

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Apr-03-13 7:41 AM

Reduce the county commission to two positions,use third one as Dog Catcher. That way we would get more for our tax dollar in two ways.Problem solved.

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Apr-03-13 7:13 AM

On the Save-a-Kitty website, they brag about dumping over 3000 cats in Parkersburg and Wood County after spaying or neutering them. To me, that seems to be contributing to the problem instead of reducing it. I can't see where that's any different that an individual dumping a litter of kittens along a rural highway.

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Apr-03-13 7:03 AM

They don't have to look far, just look at Washington county in Ohio and how they run their animal control. Barking or stray dogs or stray cats are ignored. Dog bites and breeders that produce headlines are acted on by the sheriff quickly. The people are required to take control of everything else. It all cost money folks, so either be prepared to shell out or shut up.

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