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Creating Jobs

Lifting children out of poverty

March 11, 2013

Poverty among children in West Virginia has increased since 1969, according to two advocacy groups....

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Mar-12-13 5:20 PM

I was talking to one of those fracking guys the other day, giving him a bit of a hard time. Asked him why all the workers are from TX or Ok? Why not OH or WV workers? He said they couldn't find any that could do proper welds. Told him I found that hard to believe and that they were just ripping and stripping our states resources and then they will leave.

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Mar-12-13 12:04 PM

The private sector will create jobs if the state improves the conditions for companies to do business in the state.

All companies, existing or new, requires a quality workforce to be successful. Our education system and parents together must teach all children to do their best at everything they do.

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Mar-11-13 10:30 PM

MrAlex, I agree wholeheartedly with what you say. Education is not valued amongst the poor working class.Seemingly,parents from economically successful families do instill the value of education upon their offspring. The mindset of the working poor seems to be "why getan education,when the government will take care of us'. The government is responsible for a lot of this lack of work ethic existing with the bulk of the poor,thus making this group unemployable even if jobs were created and readily made available.

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Mar-11-13 5:15 PM

While I agree GNB that our geography is a hindrance for incoming businesses, I must respectively disagree regarding our people. Perhaps years ago our people were an asset but today with the drug problems that plague rural appalachia, that is no longer the case. This is evidenced by the number of manufacturing, construction and transportation jobs that remain open simply becaue employers cannot find candidates with the ability to pass a drug test.

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Mar-11-13 7:47 AM

Oh there is also one other issue with businesses coming into this state.

Road infrastructure. Outside the interstates most WV counties are serviced by crappy two lanes roads. Hardly a good carrier of commerce in this day and age.

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Mar-11-13 7:44 AM

I'll add that what MrAlex mentioned is true and the children in those cases have a tendency to take the lifestyle they were born into with them into adulthood.

We've all seen it. And I dont care if its mean to say it. But we've all seen people who we know shouldn't be having kids.

Companies know what the worker base is like in a state. They will not locate here if they feel they wont find the proper staffing in the area.

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Mar-11-13 6:39 AM

"MrAlex" I agree with you on this one.

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