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Parkersburg homeless count doubles

‘Point in Time’ compares total to 2012 survey

January 26, 2013

PARKERSBURG — The number of homeless people in Parkersburg has nearly doubled from January of last year, according to the “Point in Time” survey conducted Thursday by Westbrook Health Services....

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Jan-29-13 11:32 PM

@tdbaer - keep rocking out! i'm on a boat!

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Jan-28-13 1:09 PM

there was a study done a couple years ago that found that 32% of households in America are just 1illness,accident, or downsizing away from homelessness. what a scary thought! we are taught in "the good book" to care for the weakest among us and that the meek shall inherit the earth. i understand the frustration of many of you. you pay your taxes, vote and do your best to care for your families and it may seem sometimes like your hard earned dollars are going to help people you may feel dont deserve it. i admit a certain % of the homeless are in that spot due to addiction etc. but many are good people in a tough spot that "there but the grace of god go i" compassion is the hallmark of the citizens of our great state and our great nation. everytime a natural disaster hits anywhere in the world we Americans are the 1st to cue up ready to help and this is what makes us great as a society and a people. as the Australians say "good on ya" to all who help the we

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Jan-28-13 10:03 AM

Those with children have an additional problem, and it's more than just getting a state ID. Now, a family asking for assistance has to prove that everyone is a citizen. Birth certificates and social security cards are required for every member of the household requesting aid. If the family has been misplaced due to natural disaster, fire, etc. these things can be rather time-consuming to acquire. If any of the children have been born out of state, it can take 6-8 weeks to be able to prove their citizenship. While we do have an issue with drug addiction in this area, mental illness also contributes to the numbers in our homeless population. The sign-holders are not indicative of true homeless. The services available in our area will provide shelter and food. House to Home provides services to help our homeless find employment and a home. The sign-holders, 9 times out of 10, are the ones that are looking to feed an addiction. Don't hold their actions against the other homeless in town.

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Jan-27-13 1:47 PM

I guess there is a lot of reasons for the homeless population, some by choice, etc. However, this type of problem needs to be addressed and those folks who want help should get help. No one should have to live in a tent in the cold of winter.

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Jan-27-13 1:47 PM

I guess there is a lot of reasons for the homeless population, some by choice, etc. However, this type of problem needs to be addressed and those folks who want help should get help. No one should have to live in a tent in the cold of winter.

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Jan-27-13 11:43 AM

Mr.Newell needs to drive acrossed the bridge once and get greeted my the smell of the poop plant and a bum with a sign.

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Jan-27-13 9:34 AM

Some of you seem to think 4thebutt is Newell. Think about that. If it is we are being led around by a psychopath. Scary thought.

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Jan-27-13 8:49 AM

Coolbeans and all others who are misplacing their sympathy on the homeless. I was once homeless and had no address and needed a helping hand for a few months. All I needed was a state ID, and I picked my correspondence up at the Health and Human services office.

There is help out there for needy Americans, some just allow mental illness, drug addiction, or pride stand in the way. I feel that they are within their rights to refuse help but they should not put small children through homelessness with them. I will still argue that they are homeless by choice.

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Jan-26-13 8:16 PM

His "nights entertainment" may be coming short here before long. Other people know people also. Shame a three pound hammer has to go to the drink,because of him,but the ends justify the means.

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Jan-26-13 7:24 PM


Be sure to dress warm for your imaginary night patrol with the Parkersburg police!

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Jan-26-13 5:36 PM

Great work, Mr. Baer and all of the participating, caring agencies. Now turn that Rock'n'Roll down!

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Jan-26-13 4:54 PM

Don't let facts get in your way. As pburg continues to loose it's population and homlessness rises, expect more crime right? Well, enjoy your town. OOPs, you don't live in Parkersburg right?

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Jan-26-13 2:59 PM

ahhh...missed your 2 O'clock Thorazine? I know, it's hard to keep track of all those meds..

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Jan-26-13 2:36 PM

You don't even know WHAT you stand for and contradict yourself on so many levels it's ridiculous.

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Jan-26-13 1:25 PM

Take your pick Parkersburg people, live in poverty, face homelessness, or leave the area. Your mayor has run off over 7 percent of your population and you re-elected him. He has made it his mission to go to "home rule" and will probably get his way. Was the user tax voted on? Nor will be home rule, hes waiting for the state legislature to take away your choice. So when your officials "retire" they will move out of state after bleeding you dry...Any word on your county commissioner paying his 16,000.00 in taxes? How about the "misappropriated" funds from your childrens educations? Still paying that police officer who was fired and reinstated, or dragging their feet still? Parkersburg will be left with dupepont poising their employees/residents and your locall "leaders" will tax you to death.

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Jan-26-13 12:50 PM

More tripe from the fraud. Again, somebody who claims to be a card-carrying Obot but doesn't have any sympathy for the down and out???

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Jan-26-13 10:19 AM

Great news(sarcasm for certain posters)Hope and change really working well.At this rate 10% of Parkersburg will be homeless by 2016.(If number keeps doubling every year)

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Jan-26-13 9:34 AM

This is true Komba but you have to have an address to fill out all those gov. forms for help. If you have no address its a little more difficult.

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Jan-26-13 8:48 AM

As the drug trade grows, so will the homeless population.

I find it hard to believe there are families who allow their children to live without a home when there are so many public dole programs. They pay your rent, give you a phone, buy your food, and help with transportation.

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Jan-26-13 3:34 AM

I would like to thank all the volunteers who didn't receive mention here, but who came out and helped us perform the PIT Survey as well as the preparation you all put into the entire event.

I would especially like to acknowledge Children's Home Society, Peer Support, West Virginia DHHR, Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home, Community Resources, SW Resources, Old Man Rivers, S.A.F.E. Program, House to Home as well as my fellow co-workers from Westbrook Health Services who put in countless hours to ensure we were prepared and outreached everyone experiencing homeless in every capacity to our fullest.

And finally to the Salvation Army and Latrobe Street Mission, thank you for not only taking part in the PIT but for the opportunity you offer for everyone who is currently in need. Your efforts are beyond our communities expression of appreciation.

Together we are the Mid-Ohio Valley, and we will continue to grow strong as a community, as we honor and support one another.

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