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Drug once again destroying lives

January 23, 2013

The rash of recent heroin overdoses in Parkersburg is a troubling trend. During the past two weeks, emergency medical personnel have responded to five incidents of possible heroin overdoses....

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Jan-25-13 1:05 PM

I agree with Phoenix. All our local treatment centers/halfway houses do is get addicts who need help-get them on a steady diet of methadone and antidpressants, get them foodstamps/welfare etc and then sit back in awn and cry crocadile tears when they relapse? Give me a break.

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Jan-25-13 7:57 AM

Addiction doesn't just destroy the user, Mr Alex. People who use usually either do it initially to fit i with friends or lovers or they are miserable because of mental problems or something that life has dealt them that they can't handle. The dealers should be exterminated. The users should be mandatoraly rehabilitated and mandatorally monitored afterward. Methadone is not the answer. It just replaces one drug with another. It would be less expensive than the crime that addiction causes.

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Jan-24-13 7:16 PM

We need to gather these users up and water-board them until we find out where this crap is coming from. May Al Sharpton would like to watch!!!!

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Jan-24-13 4:29 PM

We need some good, quality treatment centers in our area. We have two-but from what I have seen they help people deal with their addictions by teacing them how to work and become depandant on the welfare system.

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Jan-23-13 10:35 AM

To the editor/publisher/IT person: The filter software should automatically allow the use of any word that was used in the article being commented on.

(Yes, this can sometimes be abused. But it'll work better than what we have now.)

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Jan-23-13 10:32 AM

Bolo, you're right-on. Except: Proofreading doesn't necessarily require equal or greater ability. It does require one specialized ability: the ability to not read what you EXPECT to be there, but instead read what is actually there.

Which benefits from practice. As you noticed, it isn't being practiced much.

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