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Misguided move by commission

January 6, 2013

Wood County commissioners voted 2-1 Thursday to cut their work year by 24-30 days, depending upon where Monday holidays fall within a month....

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Jan-08-13 7:03 AM

Sorry for the typos, on my last comment.. wither should be either. If we could impeach a President of the US surely we could oust these two civil servants. Maybe we as Americans need to stand up and take action. We have let politicians push us around way to long. We all need to remember we pay their wages, we elect them, then we should be able to fire them. One question.. are conference calls considered a meeting?

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Jan-08-13 6:55 AM

Wrong is wrong and Right is right.. we could argue this till the cows come home (or Gainer comes back from Florida, however all we need to do is remember next election.. NOT to vote for wither of these two again. We put them in office, shame on us, and shame on them for not doing their jobs they were hired for. You know WV is a Will and Pleasure state.. maybe we should Pleasure ourselves and remove them from office. I am sure we could find the Will to do it. some trash should always be thrown out, not recycled.

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Jan-07-13 9:07 AM

If they weren't being paid, no politician would do it out of the goodness of their hearts. If they don't want to do the job, they should step down. If they only want to do part of the job, they should have a serious pay cut and be voted out next time.

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Jan-07-13 6:08 AM

"ADifferentCaliberWoman" "point park vortex" never let facts stand in his or her way before! Why start now?

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Jan-07-13 4:32 AM

Vortex, there is no way for one to pull that off. First this exemption is for a permanently disabled owner or anyone 65 or older. In order to get it one must live in and pay taxes on the said premises for a total of two consecutive taxable years before filing for this exemption. The owner then must apply in person showing identification and proof of the above. Should this person already have the equivalent in another state then the said party is no longer entitled to the second. There is just no way to pull two off in one county or state. People need to get all their facts straight before wasting his/her time typing it out as a fact! For those of you on here always ditching one politician or another you may want to get to know that person first and you may just be shocked. Steve Gainer is a keeper and will go out of his way to save our county money and do right by all tax payers! This statement is my personal belief not a fact yet! Rick Modesitt paid James C Smith to write this articl

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Jan-06-13 11:02 PM

ADifferentCaliberWoman I am referring to the houses that were in his name and his mother was living in one and another lady was in the other. It may have been your mother.

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Jan-06-13 9:20 PM

north26103, repeating lies is also punishable by law. Don't forget you may be hiding behind a screen name, may have lied about your real name, but each person has an individual ISP number than can be traced straight to your house!

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Jan-06-13 9:10 PM

Vortex, You said Gainer ran for personal gain – please show me where he has a chance of personal gain! He ran to better his community NOT because anyone urged him to do so. As a matter of fact he was not going to run out of unwarranted respect for Rick Modesitt, but when Rick said he was out that is when Gainer was in. Then quicker than lightening Rick was back in the ring to prove he could beat Gainer, so when he lost his pride took a heck of a beating – that is why he never lets up. I FIRMLY believe that Rick paid James C. Smith to write this article and publish it on a Sunday! He ran not for person gain but to save tax payers money. Maybe some of you think spending 6 million dollars for a building to fix up is okay but Gainer didn’t – total waste of our hard earned tax payer’s money! Remember how much of our taxes went to a flag pole? Holy cow several of us could have had nice flag poles for that money.

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Jan-06-13 9:10 PM

Vortex, Gainers true home is in PARKERSBURG not FLORIDA so get that straight! If that was his true home he would be there not here! I have known this man all my life and I would give mine for him and you liars are getting on my last nerve – he laughs at me! Gainer was begged to go back in as Fire Chief to straighten things out as he did by Jimmy Colombo and Newell had nothing to do with it. Yes, when Newell took office he could have appointed another and Gainer did ask him to but we know he did not. Gainer is a great friend but he is not a good ole boy as you imply he owes no one anything for going back as Fire Chief or any other offices he may have held etc.! He did it as a favor and didn’t expect to be there as long as he was nor did he want to be. He lost money by going back so that should tell you that his community is far more important than any amount of money!

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Jan-06-13 9:09 PM

Vortex, He has NEVER evaded taxes nor tried to lower them. If he wanted to lower them it would be easy enough to do without breaking the law and that is how he would proceed. Gainer claiming the homestead exemption on 2 pieces of property in Wood County is no more than slander and punishable by law which is most of what you liars are saying! You better check your facts before running your mouths – don’t let Rick Modesitt’s attempt to derail Gainer end you up in court! YES VORTEX HE IS A FAIR AND HONEST MAN & ALSO A REPUBLICAN! What makes a difference Republican or Democrat? The best man or woman for the job is all that matters! Rick has his skeletons in his closet that he is keeping shut tightly but after all this I’m seriously thinking of letting them out of the bag!

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Jan-06-13 9:02 PM

Tabledoc, way to go thank a dang tax evader for not shirking his duties as commissioner when he would clearly rather set on his butt doing nothing as opposed to being out in the community working! For the most part the Monday meetings are void of anything for the commissioners to work on; therefore, they have to sit there and wait there time out before they can leave. Like the rest of us would do once done with anything they can do they ALL make small talk even talking about football. Now how on earth is that helping our community? Do any of you have a clue that the 3 commissioners also are on 32 other committees as part of being a commissioner? One of them is in one at least once a day! Do you realize they did town hall meetings? Do any of you actually attend a meeting? Why not calling and getting the low down on what exactly the county commissioners are responsible for before blowing all your lies? If you have a concern and it is any day of the week at a reasonable time why not pick

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Jan-06-13 3:58 PM

Look like 8 people don't think Gainer is a republican. Lol.

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Jan-06-13 12:43 PM

couple of months ago N&S reported Gainer licensed motorhome in FLA to avoid paying wood county property taxes, and had a homestead exemption in Florida. This should be criminally investigated.

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Jan-06-13 11:50 AM

It's the truth isn't it?

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Jan-06-13 7:04 AM

And a republican.

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Jan-06-13 6:07 AM

Commissioner Gainer ran for County Commissioner only for personal gain, he has never wanted to meet twice a week because it cuts into his time he spends at his true home in Florida. He ran for Commissioner due to urging from his old boss and friend Bob Newell, Gainer did so as payback to Newell for reappointing him Fire Chief which inflated Gainers monthly City Pension check. Gainer also hoped to cut his own taxes on his business and rental properties. Some of you don’t remember that before he was 65 years old Gainer was claiming the Homestead Exemption on 2 piece of property in Wood County but got caught. He is a fair and honest man?

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Jan-06-13 1:19 AM

Thank you David Couch for not shirking your responsibility and job as County Commissioner.

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