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Clinton is wrong on fracking

March 13, 2016 In this political season, I take little stock in watching candidates smear one another. Far better to listen to what the candidate actually says. more »»

Kasich is the best choice

March 13, 2016 John Kasich has managed to conduct himself like a gentleman and a leader worthy of our support throughout the demolition derby that has been the Republican presidential primar. more »»

Insanity is name of the game

March 13, 2016 Kids learning how to use handguns, rifles, etc. Yeah, I think this is a really good idea to start them off at 7-8 years of age; then by 13-15 be an expert shooter. more »»

Abortion kills 'least of these'

March 13, 2016 This my response to the op-ed “Abortion with no regrets.” I am a retired life long educator — secondary, college and a school principa. more »»

Keep prayer at meetings

March 13, 2016 This letter is regarding the proposal drafted by the city attorney at council member Kim Coram’s request, to remove the Lord’s Prayer from the council’s rules and meeting agenda. more »»

Blaming makers makes no sense

March 13, 2016 I recently saw poll results in this paper, asking whether victims of gun violence should be able to sue gun manufacturers. The results were overwhelmingly against allowing that action. more »»

Constitution clear on court

March 6, 2016 Article II Section 2: “He (The President) shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall... more »»

Possible vendetta embarrassing

March 6, 2016 This past week told us that the ethics violation charges against former mayor Bob Newell were determined “probable cause does not exist to believe” by the Probable Cause Review Board after a thoroug... more »»

Thanks for Fur Ball help

March 6, 2016 Another Humane Society of the Ohio Valley Fur Ball has come and gone. Saturday, Feb. 27, was a day to remember. more »»

Deem wrong on climate change

March 6, 2016 W.V. House Bill 4014 (approved in a vote by the House of Delegates Feb. more »»

Understanding democracy

February 28, 2016 Just when I think the Republican debate cannot get more ugly, the Republican debate gets more ugly. more »»

Nominate next justice now

February 28, 2016 This is in response to the letter from Tom Zawatsky that was published on Feb. 22. I am in complete agreement with the statement, in Mr. more »»

Take another look at Carson

February 28, 2016 It’s time to make America great again by supporting Ben Carson. We the people, especially Christians, need to stand up for him as he follows the Lord’s leading in this quest. more »»

Let Obama choose nominee

February 28, 2016 With the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the appointment of a replacement justice appears to be froth with politics. more »»

Cut the real fat

February 28, 2016 The “Our Opinion” section of last Sunday’s paper gave much deserved credit to the gutsy Republican House Finance Chairman Eric Nelson, for his bold budget balancing efforts. more »»

Thank you, Pam Brust

February 28, 2016 The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department would like to thank Pam Brust for her dedication to reporting the news in a fair and equitable manner. more »»

Recent 'Our Opinion' misses the mark

February 22, 2016 Tuesday’s “Our Opinion” column commenting that “Republicans can’t ignore the Constitution” somewhat misses its intended mark in what I believe was a sincere attempt to encourage that party’s... more »»

Why are there no personhood bills?

February 22, 2016 The Bible says in Proverbs 14:34 that “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people.” Any nation that allows the murder of its unborn children will never be exalted by God. more »»

Williams dishonors victims of slavery

February 22, 2016 In a Jan. 26 article black syndicated columnist Walt Williams suggests opposition to the Confederate flag by black Americans dishonors those blacks who served the Confederate war effor. more »»

Allegations in letter are absurd

February 21, 2016 The Feb. 14 News and Sentinel printed a letter from Mr. Larry Brogan. That letter went beyond the pale. It was so preposterous it defied description. more »»



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