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A good news article is an objective account of an event. An objective account provides just the facts, not the writer's feelings or opinions.

Finding facts is an important learning tool. Whether you are reading the newspaper or a textbook, you need to be able to find and organize the important facts. Then you can use these facts to form your own ideas and opinions.

There are four different kinds of facts for which you should look:

•  Who or what the reading selection is about

•  When events occurred and in what order

•  Where events occurred

•  Why or how events occurred

Keep in mind each fact by itself doesn't mean much. But when you have all the facts together and in the correct order, they add up to a complete story.

Choose a local story from the print version of The Parkersburg News or Sentinel, or read one online by clicking here.

A local story is about something that has happened in the city/town. Look for the facts of the story: the who or what, where, when, why or how. Copy the worksheet below to fill in the blanks.

Who or what:__________________________________________









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