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All Access feature gives you more options

March 25, 2014 - Art Smith

With the launch of All Access, we have added a wealth of options to readers of The Parkersburg News and Sentinel.

All Access allows subscribers to read the entire print version of the newspaper on their computer, tablet or smart phone making it possible to read your home delivered newspaper even on days that find you miles away from your own driveway.

To read the digital newspaper, and to access the entire contents of the website, you need to validate your subscription. Validation will link your print subscription to your digital one and allow you All Access to the electronic versions without any additional charge.

You validate by using the box on any story on the website, or you can CLICK HERE to go to a validation page. Validation will check your information against what we have on file, if it matches you will gain immediate access to the content. You only need to validate once, and the same email and password can be on the tablet and smart phone apps.

We validate using your last name, the numeric part of your address and your ZIP code. If your address is 123 Main Street, just enter 123 in the field for your address.

We have added a bunch of links to the home page to make it to easier for readers to find the new features. Click on the link that applies to you and you will be enjoying All Access in no time. You can also get more information at our info page at

If you are not a subscriber to the newspaper, please consider becoming one. The Parkersburg News and Sentinel brings you more community news and information than any other source, saves you money by providing you with information about what is on sale at your neighborhood stores and gives you coupons each week to save you even more.

If you live out of the area and cannot get a printed newspaper delivered, a digital subscription is the perfect fit for you.

Enjoy the new All Access at home, on the road, or where ever your life takes you.


Article Comments

Mar-31-14 1:21 PM

This new ways of order should suffer a re-think;so far the word "Failure" comes to mind.


Mar-31-14 6:58 AM

I know I said I wouldn't be back to the site. I must say that charging for obits is double dipping. This really aggravates me. When my Dad died the amount you charged to run the obit was ridiculous. My Mom died 8 months later and it was more. So if I have this right, you charge the grieving families a lot of money to put the obit in and now you want to charge for access to that?


Mar-30-14 8:42 PM

I live in Florida and reading the head lines and obituaries were part of my morning routine, it is not like I could read the entire news paper for free anyway, but no way am I paying $180.00 a year to read it now! Why can we not keep it like it was an have limited access seems like another way to screw the public is business really that bad? It'snot like you have big competition there for news!

Mar-30-14 6:21 AM

@neocurmudgeon: The comics are there in all their 4-color glory, as well as TV Weekly, for both people who read it.

Mar-29-14 2:13 AM

I subscribe to the print edition so I have something to read while I am waiting on the web edition to search for and download all the advertisements along with the Seven Springs video.


Mar-28-14 12:13 PM

hahahaha...nice spin N& does paying give us more access?...access to what?...desperate much?...$10.00 for ONE article?...$15.00 a month?...ummm, NO!...good luck w/this...


Mar-27-14 8:33 PM

Well, at least for the time being, full access to local news (including obits) is still available for free over at WTAP****. Being asked to pay $10 to read a single article, let alone $180 up front for 1 year of full web-based access to a local newspaper the size of The News & Sentinel is laughable. So long, N&S! Be sure and let us all know when you finally realize what a colossal screw-up this was.


Mar-27-14 8:57 AM

i understand charging a FAIR price, as everyone is in the business to make money and it DOES cost money to have a website, but the price the PN&S is charging for online access is outrageous. I definitely will NOT even think of considering it. I think you all need to rethink this decision


Mar-27-14 7:38 AM

Seriously? Why not have a free service where everyone got to see what was there before and the subscriber service for people who wanted the extra. Guess that would make to much sense and we can't have that can we?


Mar-26-14 9:27 PM

This is unreal that you are charging to read a paper on the internet!Its one thing to take off articles but its another to remove information about obituaries! as if you dont make enough money with high prices of paper to begin with,I feel you will loose more customers by doing this.I agree with others your company should really reconsider what you are doing as it costs way less to put it on internet than it does to have a paper delivered. I will inform all my customers of this and ask them to stop their subscription ! NO other newspaper does this and your newspaper is by no means the New York Times!!


Mar-26-14 10:36 AM

Are comics included? The word "comics" does not appear anywhere. How about other syndicated material?

I'm curious, but not curious enough to pay that much money to find out.


Mar-26-14 9:20 AM

Way overpriced. For $3 more can get actual paper delivered. Online costs must be way less without delivery. Should rethink this.

Mar-26-14 8:33 AM

Ridiculous! I hope you find enough people that in today's economy can afford your prices because you are singleing out a large amount of Parkersburg's residents that are unable to afford these prices.


Mar-26-14 7:50 AM

First you took away comments on articles. Now this? and even on the obits. Classy. Didn't follow up on the story about the wreck in Butcher Bend when the Dad was not drinking. I will not be back to this site and I do not subscribe to the print version because of the way you value headlines over people.

Mar-26-14 1:57 AM

The News & Sentinel is way off base with this. Not only will I not subscribe to All Access, but this will prevent any renewal of a paper subscription. Also, you will not gain any ad revenue from your dozens of banner and popup ads since there's no reason for me to look at this site anymore. I'm all for capitalism, but I think this is a mistake for this company.


Mar-26-14 1:41 AM

Price is ridiculous. The New York Times is $15.00 a month. You are NOT the New York Times.


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