Op-ed: Biden is one dangerous blunder after another

The world sees Joe Biden as a weak leader. There is international disrespect and derision for the American president.

As they watch his disjointed actions, listen to his jumbled attempts at reading a teleprompter, witness his inability to make a coherent statement of his own; they surely double over with laughter.

Isn’t it time the mainstream media stopped apologizing and making excuses for Joe Biden’s bizarre behavior and policies?

Media and Democrats have been apologizing for Joe Biden since his arrival on the political scene. He has a history of saying the dumbest things, telling the most absurd lies, and plagiarizing the works of others. When confronted regarding his lies and behavior, Democrats simply replied, “Well, that’s just Joe…”

Inconceivably, this butt of jokes his entire political career, is now the leader of the free world. Biden and his Democrat family of leftists are on opposite sides of the Constitution, and the American people on most every issue of importance to the nation.

Democrats have bastardized everything upon which this nation was founded, and replaced the foundation with Karl Marx tenants.

Gun rights; border security; energy and oil exploration; illegal alien rights; law and order; and the president’s ranting about climate change as a national emergency, are issues which Biden and Democrats share with anti-American, left-wing extremists.

* Gun Rights: Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are staunch enemies of gun rights. They are obsessed with disarming law- abiding citizens.

Unfazed by the landmark Supreme Court decision, (Supreme Court says Constitution protects right to carry a gun) Democrats now have enough votes to undermine the Second Amendment, and they bow submissively to the anti-gun lobby.

This mental lightweight president, and his Democrat allies whine endlessly about what they refer to as assault weapons. Every gun is an assault weapon in the hands of criminals, and a defensive weapon in the hands of lawful Americans.

Fighting tooth and nail against American rights to self-defense, Democrats crave gun-confiscation. Until they achieve that goal, however, they want restrictions on purchasing and when and where one can carry a weapon for self-defense. The Democrats are by far the greatest threat to our Constitutional right to bear arms, and the utmost threat to American lives.

Children and other innocent Americans are being slaughtered; not because of guns, but because Democrats insist that citizens have no right to self-defense. The killing fields in Democrat-controlled cities with the strongest anti-gun laws prove beyond a shadow of doubt, that banning guns kills innocent people.

Not so long ago, handguns were the leftist target, considering them a menace to the nation. One can only imagine the angst and need for a safe cuddly place to curl up and cry when the anti-gun crowd read the Supreme Court’s opinion. Oh, the humanity!

The Constitution is worrisome to liberals. Dimwitted Biden and Democrats say we have no constitutional right to self-defense.

* The Border: Border security is non-existent under the Biden administration. Of course, his open invitation to cross our border, brings out human and drug smugglers en masse.

As a surprise to no one, border towns are awash with illegal aliens and drugs, creating humanitarian, financial, and law enforcement crises. Unfortunately, the damage isn’t confined to border towns, but is spilling out to states and cities nationwide.

A country without secure borders is not a country; it’s an untamed wilderness.

* Energy: As a direct result of Biden’s opening salvo in his war against oil companies, Americans see record high prices for gasoline, and related consumer products and services. Inflation is just another tax on Americans caused by overspending and excessive regulations by the federal government.

Biden’s feeble effort at controlling the economy with heavy-handed Marxist policies aimed at oil companies and others, lead directly to present-day shortages of goods and services, and leave gaping wounds in supply lines.

* Climate Change: Climate change is a scam of monumental proportions concocted by anti-American globalists and Democrats. The intent is taxing American energy use and spreading our wealth. A few decades ago these same con men warned of a coming ice age, then came global warming, and finally as their sizzling lies melted, their swindle morphed into climate change. When the fallacy of their fraud is pointed out, the lies get louder and more forceful.

Democrats abhor carbon-based anything, and stand against drilling for and transporting oil. Nuclear energy drives them out of their mind, and they opine that all carbon must remain in the ground. What?


Jim Mullen is a politically conservative Parkersburg writer and blogger and is a member of the WV Constitution Advocates.


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