W.Va. leads COVID surge

Just after reading that language changes daily, I searched the internet for “Justice COVID press conference today live.” The first result indicated: 10:30 tomorrow!

I listen to almost all the “Justice Shows.” I hear how great West Virginia is doing. The reported percentage vaccinations are in the 90s or at least 70s. When I look at the Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker; West Virginia has given enough doses for only 43.6% of the population, just above Idaho’s 43.3%.

West Virginia is the second worst state! Vaccines are our best defense and we are racing for the bottom.

The July 20 conference was reported as “a day to remember,” all about how well West Virginia is doing. That the 7-day moving average of cases had increased to 82 from 52 (more than 50%) was noted in passing. Since then the number of cases has doubled every week or two. Now is more than 1,500.

We hear the story of a man who drowned declining aid while waiting for the Lord to save him. The analogy is the Lord provided us with vaccines and we declined to use them.

Have we considered that the Lord has also provided us with face masks, social distancing, and especially leadership, which we decline to use?

N95 face masks are known to work. At the start of the pandemic there was a shortage and they were reserved for medical personnel. Everyone was encouraged to wear some kind of mask. A WVU video shows even a cloth mask reduces the spread of droplets; droplets were confirmed by Dr. Amjad. We now understand a mask designed to prevent aerosols is required.

On leadership, I envision a ship running into an iceberg and starting to sink. The captains voice comes over the loudspeaker, “We have all kept together so far. We’ve got to avoid divisions. When we jump into the water, I encourage you to get into the lifeboats. I can’t order you to get into the boats, but ‘Oh, please do.’ I’ll even have the band keep playing.”

West Virginia has the highest rate of increase of cases, a record numbers of people in the ICUs and on ventilators, and our weekly number of cases is near an all-time high. Yet we are only “encouraged” to get vaccinated and wear face masks.

One definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expect a different result.

Warren Peascoe



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