Road trips bring summer romances

A road trip and a movie filming brings some sweet romance to new fiction.

A road trip to a wedding brings exes back into proximity and a chance to rekindle things in “The Road Trip” by Beth O’Leary.

Addie is traveling to a wedding in Scotland and the trip has barely begun before her car is hit by another — being driven by her ex Dylan who is going to the same wedding. They haven’t seen each other since their bad breakup two years ago, and needless to say this isn’t a great way to meet again. Dylan and his best friend are now rideless and Addie feels like she has no choice but to invite them along. With a long trip ahead of them and crowded spaces, Addie and Dylan have no choice but to confront each other — and their past. But at the end of the road, will there be a second chance awaiting them. Or will they even make it there?

A cute story of exes and the fresh start of a road trip, this makes great summer reading that will make readers want to jump in the car.

“The Road Trip” is published by Berkley.


Bestselling author Beth Wiseman continues her Amish Inn series with “An Unlikely Match.”

When a production company filming scenes for a movie in a nearby area descends on the small Peony Inn ran by Esther and Lizzie, the Amish sisters may have bitten off more than they can chew. Not only are there a lot of people swarming the quiet spot, but they have also brought noisy generators that annoy the already grumpy Gus, who rents a small house on their property. The only bright spot is Jayce, the son of the man making the movie, who seems to enjoy the solitude of life on an Amish farm, and quickly strikes up a friendship with Evelyn Schrock. Though they are from two different worlds, it seems love is blossoming. Can there be any possible future for them?

All of the characters are very likable and the reader will want to see a happy ending with Jayce and Evelyn. The side story about Gus, Esther and Lizzie is also interesting as well. This is a well-written series that will attract many fans.

“An Unlikely Match” is published by Zondervan.

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