Thrilling stories for young adults

A murder on a school campus calls Luke Chase in this young adult mystery “The Murder Game” by Carrie Doyle.

Luke only wants to spend a little time with the hot new British girl at boarding school, but his would-be romance with Pippa is sidelined by the discovery of a body on the grounds. Oscar Weymouth, Luke’s best friend and roommate, the school bad boy, is the suspect in Mrs. Heckler’s murder, who was found choked by a scarf. And there was an unsolved murder involving strangulation… Luke doesn’t think his friend is capable of murder, but who would frame him? It’s up to Luke to solve this crime before someone else turns up dead.

This is a fun read for those who enjoy mystery and would be good for young teens.

“The Murder Game” is published by Sourcebooks.


Life’s tough enough when you’re a teenager, but what if you’re special? That’s the story in “Victories Greater Than Death” by Charlie Jane Anders.

Tina has a lot of pressure on her — she’s the clone of an alien commander who is supposed to leave the earth and locate a special stone before a dangerous alien species finds it and causes the end of the universe. And with the help of the memories of her cloned self and some other outcast teenagers, she’s ready to fight in an intergalactic war to save the universe.

There is a lot to keep straight in this book, including alien names/alien species/future tech/ etc. that sometimes I found it hard to keep it all straight. But there is ultimately an interesting idea and story in there to keep readers going and waiting to see what Tina will do next.

“Victories Greater Than Death” by Tor.

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