Look Back: Under new management

The Mineral Wells, continued. In the previous item, about the “famed” Mineral Wells, in January 1867 the resort was listed for sale. The item below may shed light on just why it was being sold.


Parish Fork, WV July 8

Ed. Times. — Ever since I have been in this State I have had a desire to visit the “Mineral Wells,” this side of Parkersburg. A friend, with whom I was in company and myself, looked in vain for an advertisement of this watering place in your paper, to ascertain whether the house was open. [Having found none,] we, concluded to take the chances, as the place lies in sight of the road on which we intended making our journey homeward. We found the house open, but no guests.

The house is beautifully located, being elevated so as to command a fine landscape view and to secure a refreshing breeze. A piazza extends the entire length of the building from which slopes a terraced lawn filled with shrubbery, shade trees, flowers, &c. We were cordially received, well entertained, and passed there two very pleasant nights. We drank freely of the Mineral Waters, on the medicinal properties of which, not being posted, and possessing the blessing of tremendous health which naturally results from the abstemious and primitive habits of oil diggers, we thought it prudent to mix a little old Rye with the water, on the reverse of Homeopathic principle, Similia similibus curantur.

Now the point of our jottings is that any man should pursue such a singularly suicidal policy as that of investing the requisite funds to secure and furnish an establishment of so expensive a character, without bringing to his aid the use of printer’s ink in presenting it before the public. We come to the conclusion, from all we saw and heard, that this fine place only needs a live manager who is possessed of sufficient common sense to advertise it through the home press, to make it not only a success, but one of the most popular Summer resorts of the country.

Yours, &c. W.H.P.

The Parkersburg Daily Times

July 15, 1867


The Mineral Wells. — This old favorite place of resort, under the excellent management of W.F. Parshall, has been more than usually popular this season. There are now there, upwards of fifty regular boarders besides a large number of transient visitors. Mr. Parshall keeps everything in apple-pie order and always has plenty of excellent company, which makes a visit to the Wells very agreeable.

The Parkersburg Gazette

Aug. 31, 1871


Mineral Wells Spa. — The famous Mineral Wells are recovering their by-gone fame and prosperity. Visitors and invalids from Wheeling and other points are already engaging rooms and boarding for the forthcoming season, and the prospects are in favor of an unusually brilliant season. The proprietor, “Joe” Simpson, in order to add some greater attractions is arranging for a “Silver Gray” celebration on July 4th that will surpass anything of the kind ever before seen in Wood County. The celebration will be gotten up for the benefit of the old citizens, though numerous attractions will be presented to the younger people. It is the proprietor’s intention to have present all the old men and women of the county, bringing to memory the days of long, long ago.

The Parkersburg Sentinel

May 27, 1876


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