‘The Push’ a tale of new life, murder

Six couples that met in an expectant mother group come together for a party to welcome the newborns that ends in murder in “The Push” by Claire McGowan.

While a young police officer investigates the crime, the reader still doesn’t know who was murdered. Or why. Following several of the different members of the group, McGowan slowly unveils the activities of everyone leading up to the births and the party, as she also follows the police officer in charge of the case — who is having her own issues with fertility. Ed and Monica are a wealthy that seems to have it all, including a new baby –and a daughter from Monica’s first marriage no one seems to talk about. Hazel and Cathy used a sperm donor to conceive, but who is Cathy texting? Anita and Jeremy are trying to adopt, Kelly is seeing her relationship deteriorate and Jax has a much younger boyfriend who is searching for his birth mother. As it seems like everyone could have a secret they’d kill to protect — who actually did?

The story immediately hooks the reader in, leaving just enough to entice. A lot of this book reminds of “Big Little Lies,” which I enjoyed, and though I figured out several of the pieces early on, I still wanted to find out what happened.

“The Push” is published by Amazon Publishing.

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