Sparks fly in new romances

Two opposites meet at a retreat where everyone uses an assumed name and hit it off in “Love Your Life” by Sophie Kinsella.

While the sparks fly immediately, “Dutch” and “Aria” can’t help falling in love.

They are determined to make it in the real world as Matt and Ava, and keep the sizzle going. But they quickly find out vacation them and real life them is something else entirely. Matt is trapped in a job he hates, works with his ex and collects weird art. Ava is flighty, lives in a quirky apartment with rundown items she “rescues” with an out-of-control dog. They both would love it work out, but can they really do it? This is a cute story of “love at first sight” that shows what really happens when the couple tries to work it out, with plenty of humorous characters and lots of heart.

“Love Your Life” is published by Dial Press. It is $28.


A meddling older Amish woman decides that a friend’s daughters would be perfect for her sons in “An Amish Cookie Club Courtship” by Sarah Price.

Rachel and Ella Mae are known for being argumentative and competitive with each other. They accept a job working with their mother’s cookie club friend, Edna, and her home business of serving dinner to tourists. While their bickering creates a problem, another one exists in Edna’s two sons, Jeremiah and Jonas. While Rachel has a crush on Jeremiah and Jonas seems to like Ella Mae, it doesn’t seem like the feelings are reciprocated. Edna keeps coming up with excuses to put the couples together, but has she matched the wrong sister with the wrong brother?

A cute romance story of siblings who fall for each other, just not in the way the mothers expect, this is a heartwarming story that Amish romance fans will enjoy.

“An Amish Cookie Club Courtship” is published by Zebra. It is $8.99.


A food truck war also sparks romance in “Simmer Down” by Sarah Smith.

Nikki and her mother run a Filipino food truck after her father’s death and soon find their spot encroached on by a British food truck run by two brothers.

Nikki soons gets into a parking war with Callum, who might be hot, but is ruining their Maui business. As their rivalry escalates, they decide to let the Maui Food Festival be the deciding factor – the winner keeps the prime spot and the loser backs off. But as competition heats up, so do sparks and they may have a different fire flaming up the kitchen before its all over. This is a cute romance story of rivals turned lovers that readers will enjoy for the characters and food theme.

“Simmer Down” is published by Berkley. It is $16.


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