Scary thrills with zombie teens

It’s fall and that means it is a perfect time for scary books! What better way to get in the holiday mood by reading a zombie story?

A small town starts seeing violence from its teenagers in “The Loop” by Jeremy Robert Johnson, in this story of biotech gone wrong.

Lucy survived years of her parents’ neglect and has since been adopted by a loving family and moves to a small town. There, the wealthy all seem to work for the same tech company IMTECH, and their children lord over the rest of the school. Lucy, originally from Peru, is an outsider and bonds with Bukit, also known as Bucket, as some of the few non-white kids there who are taunted constantly. Lucy witnesses a kid freak out and attack their teacher, and is trying to get over that trauma when Bucket and a friend of his decide to go to a party and she tags along. There, they learn that someone has been experimenting on the teens of the town and all hell breaks loose quickly. From there it is a fight for survival as the tech seems to have gained a mind of its own and is spreading…

This is a sorta zombie book that takes off and never lets up once the horror starts. It gets gruesome in parts (though the parts that bothered me most had to do with animals, specifically cats) so if that kind of thing bothers you, then seriously don’t read it. I really enjoyed the main character and was cheering her on as she makes her way through the apocalypse. I’m still not 100 percent sure I understand exactly what the tech was, but that’s OK. Close enough to zombies for me!

“The Loop” is published by Gallery. It is $26.99.

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