Scares from new thrillers

It’s Halloween time, and that means it’s time for a perfectly good scary thriller!

Five college-aged kids on their way home Christmas Eve find themselves stranded at an airport after a canceled flight and decide to rent a car to make it home — and go on a violent road trip of a lifetime in “Five Total Strangers” by Natalie D. Richards.

After hitting it off with her seatmate, Mira decides to go with her and three others in a rented car across snowy roads and hopefully home in time for Christmas with her mother, whom she just found is divorcing her stepfather. As Mira rides with the strangers across icy roads, pileups and danger at every corner, she soon begins to question who she got into the car with — and who is playing a deadly game with all of them.

This was a good, tense read that keeps it up through the whole story and makes you wonder if anyone was going to make it out alive. A total chiller of a thriller.

“Five Total Strangers” is published by Sourcebooks.


What to say about this book without giving it away? Readers will be tricked by “Goodnight Beautiful” by Aimee Molloy.

A therapist and his wife move from a big city to a small town where he sets up his practice in a small office converted from a room in a grand house with a storied history. The couple seem to have everything going for them until he gets a message from a young, hot female patient and he disappears. Did he finally do like his dad did and disappear with a younger model, or has something else happened?

Molloy is an expert storyteller, guiding the reader to make each conclusion she wants, then surprising them by showing just how wrong they were, and then doing it all over again. Psychological twists and turns, this is a twist on the usual suspense in the genre.

“Goodnight Beautiful” is published by Harper. It is $27.99.


A rich bad boy’s girlfriend disappears and he is the prime suspect in “You Betrayed Me” by Lisa Jackson.

James Cahill has went through many women, and cheated on just as many. His latest girlfriend, Megan, just found out about his girlfriend, on the side, Sophia. She went to stay with her sister, Rebecca, whom he also dated once, but she never made it there. Now James in the hospital with memory problems, and Rebecca is on his trail, trying to figure out what happened to his sister. Throw in an investigative journalist who wants her big break through this story and somewhere, another woman in a locked room, betrayed by someone close and there are plenty of women whom James as wronged. Who made Megan disappear?

I almost always enjoy Jackson’s stories. This is a good mystery that keeps readers guessing until the very end. I didn’t particularly like James and didn’t want to spend so much time with him, but he was one of the major characters.

“You Betrayed Me” is published by Kensington Books.


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