Dems sow fear, propaganda in election year

]As farcical as it seems, in our grand Republic, there are American citizens, politicians, institutions, and media calling for the deconstruction of our country.

This is not Iran chanting death to America. Likewise, it’s not an outlaw country trying to erase our history, protesting our flag, and advocating the destruction of the Constitution. Neither is an evil nation dividing us between racial, ethnic, gender, and religious lines. So-called Americans perpetrate this evil.

Additionally, it’s not an invading army looting and burning our cities, nor assaulting and killing our citizens. Nearly all the strife, division, unrest, and violence come from a very large and shrill segment of the Democrat Party; aided and abetted by a spiritless and impotent Republican Party.

President Donald Trump is one of the few standing against the forces that are trying to dismantle the Constitution and turn our country into a Marxist nation. As payment for his patriotic stance, he is vilified ruthlessly by the MSM, the entertainment industry, academia, and every far left owner of internet companies and social media.

This unwavering bitterness began before he was elected and splashes daily across newspapers via the Associated Press, New York Times, and other Trump hating publications in vicious headlines and articles. Nothing changes in the medium of television, except one can see the hatred in their distorted faces and almost see the spittle spewing from their lying lips.

It is evident Marxists now own the Democrat Party, and the MSM is their heart, soul, and messenger. The media, Biden, the Democrat Party, and rioters masquerading as protesters, are united in one cynical function; create chaos to sway the presidential election.

America has suffered its share of hiccups, ailments, and indeed; shameful moments. However, no nation in history has offered more people greater opportunities for liberty, and success. If this country is so racist, homophobic, and despised, why is America still the number-one destination for the world’s minorities? Why does every freedom-seeker escaping tyrannical government, religious persecution, and desirous of personal freedom, come to America?

From the foolhardy cries of curse your whiteness, defund the police, and dozens of other equally idiotic demands by the Marxists, our Republic is suffering not just hiccups, but convulsions. Our nation is infested by groups of America-hating thugs and traitors, over a perceived injustice, avoidable by simply following the order of an arresting police officer.

History tells us these Marxist/communist rioters want revolution, and ultimately overthrow the government. Lenin called his propagandists and agitators, useful idiots. He poured enormous amounts of money into his Communist International also known as the Comintern.

Money was flushed into counties with communist activity, including America. Propagandizing and owning the streets, his useful idiots fomented unrest, rioted, burned, looted, and violently worked for revolution. Seed money for our present-day useful idiots comes from leftist billionaires like George Soros.

Propagandizing and owning the streets are the most important parts of revolution. Rioters own our streets, and the MSM provide the propaganda.

From where do these useful idiots come? They’re from your local public education system and continue through graduate schools in leftwing colleges. Much of the education system, especially in large Democrat-controlled areas, has degenerated into the best indoctrination money can buy.

Even in our local area, a school superintendent gave a talk in Marietta, and told parents and teachers of the evils of profits around the world – capitalism.

When young people are told capitalism is evil and Marxism is a fairer system, the seeds are sown for future revolution.

Democrats attack because a presidential election hangs in the balance, and they fear the worst.


Jim Mullen is a politically conservative Parkersburg writer and blogger and is a member of the WV Constitution Advocates.


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