Amish fiction for August reading time

There are several new Amish fiction novels out now for fans of the genre.

An Amish couple are thrown together through a series of incidents in “Jeb’s Wife” by Patricia Johns.

When Leah’s boyfriend chooses another, younger woman to be his wife so he can have children, she looks to life as an old maid. But her troublemaker brother gets into debt with the wrong people, and suddenly reclusive neighbor Jeb has a proposition – marry him so he can gain his inheritance and he will give Leah’s brother the money and Leah will finally have a place in the community as a wife. While neither want the romance and just want a friend to be a partner, love might be on the horizon.

This is a cute marriage of convenience storyline with Amish characters that make a good light read.

“Jeb’s Wife” is published by Zebra. It is $7.99.


Wanda Brunstetter continuing her Greenhouse Mysteries series with “Mockingbird’s Song,” in which a family continues to mourn the loss of their father, husband and brother.

Sylvia can barely cope with her loss and her two young children. She tries to help her mother and sister in the family greenhouse, despite the strange incidents that keep occurring there. Since she’s living with her mother currently, there is no need for her own house, so she decides to rent it out and a perfect tenant comes in Dennis Weaver, an Amish man she meets while birdwatching. The two hit it off and Sylvia is glad to have a friend after her loss. Her mother doesn’t trust him and things start changing between the two. Will love blossom from the friendship or will the stress ruin everything?

The characters continue to be interesting, though this isn’t my favorite series from the author. It satisfies the Amish romance crave.

“Mockingbird’s Song” is published by Barbour Publishing. It is $15.99.


A fire spreads an Amish community far and wide, and one woman finds her way of life tested in “Peace in the Valley” by Kelly Irvin.

When Nora goes to stay with distant relatives as the families work to restore the community after the fire, she finds life with her grandparents to be much different than home. Her grandparents, uncle and cousins have all taken to a more “English” way of life, including phones in the house, driving cars and church services are much different. Nora is pulled along into their church’s way, but she feels her old way of life calling her back, including her boyfriend, Levi. Will she stay in her new life or go back to her old one?

This is a good story about a girl questioning her way of life and faith and has romance in it as well. The author seems to be winding up this series, so it will be interesting to see where she goes next.

“Peace in the Valley” is published by Zondervan. It is $15.99


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