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Since no one is going to any fairs or events this summer, there’s no excuse to not grab a book!

An Ohio author brings romance to German Village in Columbus in “Not Like the Movies” by Kerry Winfrey.

A sequel to Winfrey’s previous book, this one focuses on Chloe, the best friend of the last book’s main character. Chloe’s friend Annie, wrote a romantic comedy that’s getting buzz as it is set to premiere, and what she wrote is a fictionalized account of Chloe and her cute boss, Nick. As if Chloe doesn’t have enough to deal with as the sole caregiver of her father with Alzheimer’s, she doesn’t want swept up in a fake love storyline. Except what if it’s not fake?

This story in itself is a cute rom-com, with plenty of hijinks.

“Not Like the Movies” is published by Berkley. It is $16.


On the opposite side, a story of revenge is told in “The Golden Cage” by Camilla Lackberg with translation by Neil Smith.

Faye seems to have the perfect life with a wealthy husband she met in business school. She gave up school and a career to be his wife, mother to their child and help with his company. But Jack is now treating her like she is stupid, and as she comes to find out, having an affair. When he divorces her, leaves her with nothing and takes their daughter, Faye wants one thing – revenge. And it turns out, Jack has really cheated on the wrong woman and Faye won’t stop until she takes Jack’s company, ruins his new marriage and it might not stop there…

This story is like if “Big Little Lies” and “Gone Girl” had a baby. A very mixed up baby. Lackberg is a popular author in Sweden and it’s easy to see why — she writes a good tale of revenge. Some of the details might be vague (I never did understand exactly how Faye’s business hijacking worked so well) but that’s OK, because who cares! Readers will want Faye to have her revenge and will be glad to see everything tied up at the end.

“The Golden Cage” is published by Knopf. It is $26.95.


New York Times bestselling author B.A. Paris tells the story of a woman’s 40th birthday party and the unraveling of her family in “The Dilemma.”

Married young, Livia never got to have the wedding of her dreams and instead focused on her one day 40th birthday party. As she prepares for the big day, she won’t let anything wreck the day, not even the secret she knows about her grown daughter and how it could impact everyone. Meanwhile, her husband Adam, knowing he wasn’t the best husband or father when he was younger, wants to make it up to Livia for her party. He and their daughter cook up a surprise, and when he suddenly doesn’t hear from her, he doesn’t want to let his worries ruin the party. As time ticks down, a life-bomb is going to descend on the family that will impact everyone.

A story about secrets and how one day can wreck you, this is a good story from Paris, though the daughter’s secret left me wanting to shake her.

“The Dilemma” is published by St. Martin’s. It is $27.99.


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