Look Back: A few days in the life of Parkersburg

Historical newspaper excerpts from the Wood County Historical Society

The Keystone State was one of many Ohio River steamers that offered Parkersburg residents excursions on the Ohio River. (Photo from the Ohio County Library)

City paragraphs

* The street cars and the carettes did a good business all day yesterday.

* The Bull Frog Quartette assisted by an augmented chorus met Saturday night and had their regular monthly sing. Their music was greatly enjoyed — by some. [This was a bit of sarcasm directed toward the many ponds and mudholes in the downtown area.]

* River excursions are very popular this summer. All the big packets have excursion parties every trip. A more delightful way to spend a week cannot be imagined than to take a trip on the Ohio River on one of the large steamers with a congenial party of people.

* It was quite lively Saturday evening down on the wharf. The Keystone State from Pittsburgh landed at 7:30. She had a large excursion and a band of music aboard. At 8:00 the Andes from Cincinnati, with a large trip of passengers and an orchestra, landed at the wharf.

* The Sciota passed up yesterday afternoon. She also had a great number of passengers and a band. Two new smoke stacks stood in the place of those that were wrecked on the Ohio River railroad bridge Tuesday.

* The Little Kanawha is now on its good behavior and is in lock. The Hilton made her regular trips to-day. The Oneida was brought down from Marietta Saturday where she was partially repaired. It is thought that she will be ready to go up the river by to-morrow.

* About the surest way to make enemies nowadays is to talk to a man who owns a horse and tell him most innocently what a fine and fast stepper Jones has. He probably won’t say much to you but he thinks a thought or two that is made up of dynamite. Try it.

* Dr. Blubaugh’s fine riding and driving horse arrived Saturday evening from Paris, Kentucky. It is a splendid animal and the Doctor is naturally proud of him.

* Bishop Peterkin preached at the Tavennerville chapel last evening.

* The Seventh Street pavement is still full of bad holes.

* A party of young ladies and gentlemen will board the Andes Wednesday evening for the round trip to Pittsburgh and back.

* The excellent appointments made by the County Court last Friday have occasioned a very unrighteous howl among some of our Democratic brethren. It is awful hard to please some people.

* A Death. — Mr. and Mrs. James Grant lost a nine months old son Saturday morning by cholera infantum. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon. The remains were taken to Bethel cemetery for burial.

* Lost a Roll of Money. — Mr. J.D. White, living on the head of Sam’s Creek above Mineral Wells, lost a roll of money containing between $50 and $75, in this city Saturday on Market Street. It is hoped that some honest person may have picked it up and will return it to him.

* The Presbyterian Sunday-school will give a picnic at Blennerhassett Island next Friday, going down on the Martin at 9 o’clock in the morning and staying all day.

Excerpts from The Parkersburg Daily State Journal, July 13, 1891


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