Poems for anxiety and a Founding Father biography

Everyone is anxious right now, and that seems like the perfect time for this humorous book, “Love Poems for Anxious People.”

New York Times bestseller John Kenney brings his funny poetry back, this time with a theme of anxiety, which is really relevant now. From the conversations you have with yourself in the middle of the night, to questioning what your spouse sees in you to writing and rewriting emails, this book will make you laugh and at the end, make you cry as he writes a poem about the one person who wasn’t anxious, his late brother.

Anyone who needs a good laugh right now will enjoy this collection of stories in poem form and will want to check out other works by Kenney.

“Love Poems for Anxious People” is published by G.P. Putnam Sons.


A Founding Father is the subject of a new biography, “James Monroe: A Life” by Tim McGrath.

McGrath follows the future president through his childhood and time spent as a soldier during the Revolutionary War, and his career in politics, from diplomat, senator and eventually the presidency. It even covers his almost duel with Alexander Hamilton, as well as friendships with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

I’ll be honest – I’m very particular about biographies. If I’m not immediately pulled into it, I have a hard time with it. I just wasn’t a fan of this author’s writing style. I’m interested in the time period and haven’t read much about Monroe, so I think it’s great to see coverage of the fifth president, and I think other fans of biographies or presidential readers will enjoy it.

“James Monroe” is published by Dutton.


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