MOV Restaurant Facebook group opens

I was truly hoping today’s article would be a fun recap of our Partner in Education luncheon or of the St. Patrick’s Day-themed Business After Hours from Tuesday evening, but unfortunately those events were postponed. So, my article today will be a recap of a different nature — it will be an acknowledgment of the spirit that I’ve seen over the past week by businesses and organizations as we venture into this unknown situation.

I’m not naive to think that people haven’t had moments of pure anxiety — business owners are scared they will not be able to weather this storm. They are worried about their employees and their customers. Things are changing minute by minute and they are making the best decision they can with the information they have at that very second. It’s hard — it’s hard not to overthink it. You can “what if” yourself to oblivion. Trust that you are making the best decision with the information* you have at that very moment.

And from that, I’ve seen creativity and out-of-the-box thinking by our area businesses and organizations. Rethinking how they interact with customers and the general public in a time when we have changed our daily patterns remarkedly. Social media is now a “Have To” not a “Nice To Do” as businesses post updates on how to order their products and services online and other changes to the way they manage.

The team at the MOV Chamber (there are just two of us — Jill and Nicole) thought of an idea where we might be able to help so we launched a new Facebook Group on Tuesday to help area restaurants keep the public up-to-date on take-out and delivery options. The “MOV Restaurant Updates and Options” Facebook Group is for the MOV restaurants and eateries in Wood County and Washington County to have a centralized page to update their hours, menus and take-out/delivery services during this time.

Our goal with this group is to provide the Mid-Ohio Valley community a centralized place that you can go to check the status/options of your favorite restaurants. Members of the public can join the group by going to the MOV Chamber Facebook page and ask to join. As the local restaurants and eateries post in the group, it will show up on the feed of the members that have joined the group. Please share with your family and friends so they can stay up to date.

We want to support the Mid-Ohio Valley through this communication option, and we hope that this group will be of value to you and your business. We are super impressed with the out-of-the-box thinking the industry is showing to do all they can to serve customers and retain employees. And we are super impressed by fellow businesses and the general public who are supporting the area restaurants.

So I’m writing this column on Friday morning and understand that everything could change in the next 48 hours when you are reading this in the Sunday newspaper, but as I said earlier, “I’m making the best decision I can with the information I have at this very second.”

And that leads me to the role of the MOV Chamber — we are working hard to be a communication hub for the business community. We have been disseminating information from the US Chamber, WV Chamber, Small Business Administration that is factual and up-to-date. We are spending every minute we can to help answer questions, find information, and be a resource so that our businesses can weather this storm the best they can.

Visit this space every other Sunday for more Chamber news. We also invite you to call us at 304-422-3588 or email us at info@movchamber.org.


Jill Parsons is the president/CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of the Mid-Ohio Valley.


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