John Adams trial on display

Live PD host and legal analyst Dan Abrams returns to the book world along with David Fisher with “John Adams Under Fire.”

Abrams and Fisher look at Adams as he relates to the Boston Massacre that occurred on March 5, 1770. Many years before he was a Founding Father (and a character in a Broadway play) Adams was a 34-year-old attorney making a name for himself with a controversial case — defending the captain and soldiers in the trial of the Massacre.

Abrams looks at the trial as it impacts the legal system, Adams’ career and those around him, including the use of “reasonable doubt” for the first time in legal history, the first sequestration of a jury and the start of our legal system as it is today, even as America is beginning to be born and the Revolutionary War is imminent.

Those interested in trial case or the Revolutionary War time period will enjoy this look into history and at a trial that hasn’t been covered much before.

“John Adams Under Fire” is published by Hanover Square Press. It is $28.99.

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