Family Literacy Night is held

Beverly-Center Elementary celebrated Family Literacy Night March 11. All Beverly-Center students and their families were invited to “Discover a Whole New World Through Reading” as they visited each classroom for an open house showcasing grade-level literacy activities.

The evening was coordinated by Beverly-Center Title 1 teacher Beth Hanes.

As part of Family Literacy Night, sixth grade students presented their International Fair. Each student chose a country to research. They then completed an informational packet and designed a tri-fold presentation poster to teach others what they’d learned. When I asked students why they chose the country they chose, the most common, and expected, answer was, “I just picked one.” Others, though, had serious reasons. “It just sounded interesting.” was another common response. A more thoughtful response was, “I found out my grandpa visited there when he was in the Army and I wanted to know more.” “My grandparents visited and we were able to find some things from there,” interested another student. Yet another student chose her country because “My favorite Anime character is from there.” One student knew some of her family history and chose her country because “My family is from there.”

Each country poster contained the flag and a map of their country. Poster details told each country’s government, culture, language, religion, foods, holidays, important historical dates, natural resources, imports and exports, and important landmarks.

Sixth graders participating in the Fair and their countries were: Tyce Beardsley, Turkey; John Berrill, South Korea; Cain Campbell, Ukraine; Johnathan Carpenter, North Korea; Zoey Combs, India; Chatum Courson, Saudi Arabia; Selise Curry, Tanzania; Faith Duskey, England; Wyatt Duskey, Italy; Conner Dyar, Iraq; Bowen Elliott, Egypt; Charlotte Gage, Vietnam; Brandon Garvin, New Zealand; Brody Garvin, South Africa; Kay Gilchrist, Luxembourg; Karissa Hale, Jordan; Jackson Harlow, Russia; Julia Harper, Greece; Mary Kesselring, Slovakia; Lucas Kirkpatrick, Germany; Caiden McCurdy, Mali; Dayne Miller, Mauritania; Reiley Miller, France; Macy Moore, Madagascar; Peyton Offenberger, Fiji; Cole Sandford, Afghanistan; Chase Sandy, Ireland; McKenzie Schaad, Portugal; Weston Schaad, Spain; Kate Schultheis, China; Rebecca Schultz, Mongolia; Cheyenne Smith, Sweden; Cambria Starkey, Indonesia; Brookelyn Stottsberry, Australia; Kieran Tice, Iran; Natalie Wakefield, Finland; Annberlee Weckbacher; and Emily Wright, Japan.

Sixth Grade Social Studies teacher is Rob Nelson.


Sue Sampson is a longtime columnist for the Parkersburg News and Sentinel.


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