Women’s fiction for readers this weekend

Women’s fiction brings some fun new characters to the scene.

Bestselling author Camille Pagan tells a story of a woman who just wants to be left alone — and keeps getting drug back in — in “This Won’t End Well.”

Annie is heartbroken when her fiance Jon up and runs off to Paris to try to find himself and asks her to not contact him. This is the last thing she needed after she lost her job thanks to her lecherous boss and is having problems with her best friend thanks to her new ‘business’ she is running. She decides she needs to cut off new people from her life as she gets a hold of hers.

That’s when a new neighbor moves next door. Annie doesn’t want to be involved, and yet Harper won’t let her not be. She’s just too interesting, and when Annie sees someone spying on her, she steps in to help. It turns out the spy is a private detective named Mo. He asks her to help him on his case with Harper, and she finds herself somehow involved. Meanwhile, Jon asks her to contact him again and Annie decides that this time its her turn for a break. Can Annie salvage her relationships or does she want to? Does she want to start something new with Mo?

This is a funny and heartfelt book about taking charge of your life and relationships that will give lots of reasons to cheer for Annie.

“This Won’t End Well” is published by Lake Union Publishing. It is $24.95.


A historical novel looks at two 1950s women who flee America for London during the Red Scare in “Red Letter Days” by Sarah-Jane Stratford.

A young writer for a small television program, Phoebe is shocked to find she has been labeled a Communist and called to testify before Congress, all because of wanting a union back when she worked on airplanes during World War II. Together with a friend, she makes a plan to flee to London, where another ex-pat Hannah Wolfson, is producing a television show and is said to be hiring blacklisters.

Phoebe soon impresses Hannah and begins on her show “Robin Hood” as first a script girl, and then a writer under an assumed name. While both go through some ups and downs of being working women during a man’s world, and have turbulent personal relationships, Phoebe finds someone on her trail and determined to get her back to America. Can she stay in the new home she has made?

A time period not often talked about in historical fiction, this book brings two hard-nosed heroines women will love and insights into the world of the Red Scare and McCarthyism.

“Red Letter Days” is published by Penguin. It is $17.


An Amish woman and man are pulled together because of an Arabian horse, while the community struggles with wanting to help babies in need of homes in Suzanne Woods Fisher’s “Two Steps Forward.”

Jimmy Fisher has had several near misses when it comes to get married. His mother wants him to settle down and possibly take back the family farm from their neighbor, Sylvie, who came to town with a young son and immediately married an older bachelor. Jimmy’s mother has a grudge against Sylvie, but Jimmy can’t help but be drawn to her, and gets a job offer to work at the farm. While the two work together to try to clean it up and start a horse breeding business with the Arabian, they start to have feelings for each other, but Jimmy’s fear of commitment quickly gets in the way. Will he once again ruin a good thing? Meanwhile, Izzy and her husband look for ways to help babies without homes of their own. Will Izzy’s need to help bring an end to a question from her own past?

With an endearing romance and a warm story about helping others, this will appeal to many who love the genre.

“Two Steps Forward” is published by Revell. It is $15.99.


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