Making dishes just for yourself

Fish Taco with Curried Broccoli Slaw (Photo by Amy Phelps)

Making meals for just yourself can be a pain. And it’s not just single people, when you live in a house with picky eaters, you may find yourself tired of eating the same boring things they want and crave food adventure.

So for those who live alone and want to make something for themselves and not live on leftovers, or for the person who doesn’t want boring grilled chicken yet again is “The Ultimate Cooking for One Cookbook” by Joanie Zisk.

Zisk has 175 recipes in this book and is the creator of OneDishKitchen.com, which contains all single-serve recipes.

There is an introductory chapter of simple ways to cook for one and then the recipes start with 7 chapters: Breakfast, Side Dishes, Chicken Main Dishes, Beef and Pork Main Dishes, Fish and Seafood Main Dishes, Vegetarian Main Dishes and Desserts.

Breakfast contains dishes like Maple Pecan Breakfast Bread Pudding, Quiche-Stuffed Pepper and Fruit-Filled Baked Oatmeal.

Side Dishes includes Classic Deviled Eggs, Garlic Sesame Green Beans and Kale Salad with Apples.

Chicken Main Dishes has recipes for Butter Chicken, Chicken Pesto Pasta and Buffalo Chicken Salad.

Beef and Pork Main Dishes offer Pasta with Pork Ragu, Vegetable and Pork Bowl and Spaghetti Bolognese.

Fish and Seafood Main Dishes include dishes like Baked Fish with Salsa, Shrimp Quesadilla and Crawfish Pasta.

Vegetarian Main Dishes offer recipes like Chickpea Curry, Chili Cheese Baked Potato and Chips and Queso.

Desserts end things with Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie, Apple Fritters and S’mores Brownie.

One day I made Fish Tacos with Curried Broccoli Slaw for myself. I like fish, where some people in my family do not, and I like seasoning, which some other people in my family do not, and I like broccoli slaw, which I think no one in my family other than me likes. So this was my perfect “just for me” dish.

I used to be scared to cook fish, but I quickly found out it is not that hard to cook, so anyone else fearing it, don’t worry, you can do it.

While the fish cooks in the oven, you can mix up the broccoli slaw with the dressing and get the tortillas warm. Everything comes together quick once the fish is done and you have yourself a quick and very tasty meal.

And if you are part of a couple, you can easily double your recipe and make this a cooking for two cookbook.

“The Ultimate Cooking for One Cookbook” is published by Adams Media. It is $19.99.

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