Look Back: Music and dancing on social scene

Historical newspaper excerpts from the Wood County Historical Society

Carinda, the home of U.S. District Judge John J. Jackson, is where his daughter, Lily Irene was raised. The elegant home was situated at the corner of Seventh and Quincy streets in Parkersburg, adjacent to what was once Dils Motomart, later the Coliseum Skating Rink, and today, Warner Kia Auto Dealership. (Photo provided by Dan Kemper)

The Art Society

A goodly number of local artists and lovers of art met last evening at Miss Lily Jackson’s [home] and made a temporary organization of an art society. Everybody was enthusiastically in favor of the undertaking and will go into it with an energy that is a guarantee of success. Miss Lily I. Jackson was unanimously elected President and Miss Bessie Murdoch Secretary and Treasurer. Another meeting will be held at the same place on Thursday afternoon of next week at 2:30 o’clock. All of the members and others who are interested are earnestly requested to be present. A constitution and by-laws will be considered at that time.

The membership of the society at present is as follows: Mrs. W.N. Miller, Mrs. W.H. Smith, Jr., Mrs. L.A. Cole, Mrs. R.H. Patterson, Mrs. Mamie Rathbone, Mrs. Trevor, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Woodridge, Mrs. A.G. Jackson, Mrs. L.R.Whitney, Mrs. Deming, Mrs. J.J. Jackson, Miss Mary Bukey, Miss Ida DeCamps, Miss Mollie Cook, Miss Mossie Woods, Miss Cora Vincent, Miss Bessie Murdoch, Miss Lily Jackson, Miss Carrie Loomis, Miss Jane McKee, Miss Florence Shattuck, Miss Kinnie Smith, Miss Nellie Williams, Miss May Hopkins, Prof. J.C. Eichholtz, W.T.W. Barbe, C.W. Loomis, M.S. Hughes and Dr. Muhleman.

The Parkersburg Daily State Journal

Feb. 22, 1887


A notable event

The unanimous opinion of those who had the pleasure of being present is that the dance given Monday night, at the Academy of Music dancing hall by Misses Marie Van Winkle, May Clemens, Belle Clemens, Jessie Leach and Hattie Van Winkle, was the most enjoyable event of the kind that had transpired here during the year. The arrangements were entirely in the hands of these young ladies who adopted this happy method of entertaining their friends. It was not given as a leap year dance. The music was furnished by the Italian orchestra of two violins and a harp. The refreshments were of the very choicest kinds, and were served at twelve o’clock. The costumes of the young ladies were very handsome and many of them very elegant.

Excerpt from The Daily State Journal

Jan. 2, 1889


A musical treat

There is a treat in store for Parkersburgers that few so far realize the worth of it.

It will make its appearance at Terrapin Park and will be under the head of a mandolin and guitar concert.

The unusual part about the affair will be the large number of performers that will take part. Over sixty pieces will be on the programme and in many of the numbers, will play together.

The effect of such can scarcely be imagined, and will be in the nature of a pleasant surprise to the majority of Parkersburgers.

The arrangements for the affair which will take place Monday and Tuesday nights, being made by A. Dotson and John Pfeiffer, two local musicians whose fame has reached far beyond the limit placed by Parkersburg’s musical world.

A mandolin and guitar class of infantile performers will be one of the features of the programme. The affair will be something outside of the regular routine laid down by local musicale manipulators and owing to this fact will probably draw a large crowd.

The Parkersburg Gazette

July 29, 1899


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