Getting cozy in November

There are multiple new cozy mysteries for November reading.

National bestselling author Bethany Blake starts a new series with “A Brushstroke with Death.”

Willow Bellamy has changed an old barn into an art school, that has some animals still hanging around, like Rembrandt the owl. Things seem off to a good start with a painting party booked by some local merchants, that is until one of them, restaurant owner Evangeline is found dead. Who would want to kill Evangeline? It turns out plenty as she has made a lot of enemies. But Willow is determined to find out with a sprinkle of magic and plenty of ingenuity!

This is a fun cozy that has a quirky heroine who may or may not be a witch and plenty of character.

“A Brushstroke with Death” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99.


A scavenger hunt turns up a dead boy in “Three Widows and a Corpse” by Debra Sennefelder.

Hope, a food blogger, is taking part in the town’s annual scavenger hunt when she finds the body of a real estate developer, Lionel Whitcomb. And it turns out, Lionel left more than a few loose ends, including the three fives he never got around to formally and legally divorcing. When she is asked by the most recent wife to investigate, Hope can’t say no. But in doing so has she put herself into the path of danger?

This is a fun story mixed with plenty of hijinks and mystery.

“Three Widows and a Corpse” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99.


Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is the backdrop for a mystery story with a paranormal twist in “Murder Can Mess Up Your Masterpiece” by USA Today bestselling author Rose Pressey.

Celeste is an artist who travels to arts and crafts fairs to sell her paintings, all with her little Shasta trailer and her pet Chihuahua, Van Gogh, at her side. But when she gets a return on a painting by a customer claiming its haunted, Celeste doesn’t quite know what to believe. And suddenly she is visited by the ghost who she had painted into the artwork. When security starts to be a problem at the craft fair, Celeste goes to talk to the organizer and finds him dead instead. Now with the help of her friendly ghost and a hot detective, Celeste must solve the mystery or end up a ghost herself!

The paranormal twist adds a bit of flair to this quirky new series.

“Murder Can Mess Up Your Masterpiece” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99.


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