Look Back: Sportsmanship goes on the road

Historical newspaper excerpts from the Wood County Historical Society

Pictured above is what might be the 1913 version of the Jeanette Street Ruffians baseball team. Front row, from left: Ray Adams, Ros McHenry, Ted Bonar, Bert Arbogast, Leonard Bradford. Back row: J.R. Cabell, Willie Myers, Cecil Howell, Henry Allen, Elvey Howell. Picture and names from Ros McHenry. Picture taken at the corner of Jeanette and Williams streets. (Photo Provided)

Another baseball club

The Elberon Baseball Club was organized yesterday and is composed of boys all under 18 years of age. They are ready to play like clubs from Ohio or West Virginia, or any other state for that matter. The club is composed of the following members: Bert Silcott, c.; John Hastings, p.; Walt Dorsey, 1 b.; Jas. Carr, 2 b.; Charlie Shull, 3 b.; George Peard, ss.; Brady Ruttencutter, lf.; Edgar Whitlock, cf.; Bentley Hendershot, rf.


Fishermen take the horns

Jas. A. Kennedy, M.A. Hawley and E.J. Cooper, of Sistersville, M. Riggs, of St. Marys and J.R. Griffith, of Matamoras, composed a party of prominent oil men who were in the city last night on their way home from a two weeks fishing trip on the Gauley River.

During that time, they captured over 900 fish and secured a pair of the prettiest antlers ever seen in this city. They chased a deer up through the mountains and in some manner, it fell over a cliff and broke its neck. The party thus succeeded in getting the antlers, which they took home as a souvenir of the trip.


Will fight at Fries Park

Jim Hicks, of Baltimore, and Bill Shillenberger, of this city, have been matched for a twenty round glove contest for a decision. The bout will be pulled off at Fries Park on June 15. The local man says he is capable of sustaining his reputation as the local champion and will be able to knock out the Baltimorean.

The Parkersburg Sentinel

June 3, 1899


Among athletes

The Marietta Athletic Association have received their charter and have opened up a club room, says the Register, where they meet in regular sessions.

Apparatus, such as is used in all club rooms of that kind has been purchased and the rooms are complete in every detail.

Big Bill Muncey is in hard training for his go with Harry Hayden of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Tuesday night, August 14. They are matched for a twenty round bout. Patsy Gavin, of Wheeling, is to referee the contest. This will be the first heavy weight glove contest ever pulled off in this city.

A ten round preliminary between Dr. Beach, of Cambridge, and Chas. Conkle, of Parkersburg, has been arranged and it too promises to be very interesting.

Barney Furey left last night for Anderson, Ind., where he is to meet Kid Collins in a twenty-five round bout for a decision. He was accompanied by Chas. Wheatley, who is in for a preliminary and who is training with Furey. Furey stated before leaving that he was in the pink of condition and would bring back his first scalp as a Marietta boy.

Squirrel Finnerty is in active training and is ready for a go with anybody of his class. He is a member of the Marietta Athletic Club and is showing the boys many points of the ring.

The Parkersburg Daily State Journal

July 31, 1900


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