Football is back, so be adults

Football season is upon us — thank goodness. And whether you enjoy this time of year for the sports or simply the soon-to-arrive cooler temperatures, there are plenty of good things on their way: changing leaves, Halloween, pumpkin spice everything (if you’re into that).

Let’s not ruin it by being poor sports, folks. Fans in the stands at football games (or marching band or cheerleading competitions … or anywhere, for that matter) are going to have to control themselves and behave as though they understand they are watching a game. They are watching kids try their hardest and a few adults try to guide them in that endeavor. And THEY are being watched by the younger fans around them.

Don’t like a call? Guess how much difference you’re going to make if you become loud and aggressive about it.

I hate hearing stories about brawls at sporting events and finding out it was sometimes the “adults” on the field who led the charge, or an alleged grown up from the stands who threw the first punch. For goodness sake how do we expect our kids to behave if we as adults have such poor control of our emotions and resort first to bullying and violence?

Get a hold of yourselves, people. I don’t care who has made you feel emboldened to behave so poorly, it’s not right. Go into this season resolved to remain calm, good sports and set a better example. Participating in extracurricular activities is supposed to do good things for molding a child into a responsible adult. Don’t turn it against them.


Speaking of activities, I know the Mid-Ohio Valley is home to some of the best amateur chefs and bakers around … but it seems there aren’t many of them who have dug through their best recipes yet to send them in as entries to the 65th annual News and Sentinel Cookbook contest. Listen, folks, I’m going to need some good things to taste in my role as emcee for the tasting party we hold in October. We’re looking for party snacks, main dishes, cakes and (other) desserts.

Entries are due by Sept. 9 — you’ve got a little more than a week to get them to us. Rules for entry can be found in most editions of the newspaper over the past week or so. But if you’ve got any questions, give us a call.

It’s such a fun contest, and each year I marvel at the quality of the cuisine that is coming out of home kitchens all around us.

I know you’ve got it in you; but you’ve got to brag on yourselves a little and send those prize-winners in to us!


Have a happy and safe Labor Day, everyone. Please enjoy the extra day off responsibly. (And if you taste someone’s fantastic food during a gathering, well … see above. Encourage them to let us know how they did it.)

Christina Myer is executive editor of The Parkersburg News and Sentinel. She can be reached via e-mail at cmyer@newsandsentinel.com