Downtown PKB spotlights Piersol

Downtown PKB is made up of a 25 member board of directors, all dedicated to helping us meet the mission of our organization. Lindsey Piersol, Executive Director of Wood County Economic Development and current President of Downtown PKB board was willing to be our Board Member Spotlight this month and share with us her views on Downtown PKB and the board.

Q: Downtown PKB has been a part of your story for a while…where did it all first begin with your willingness to become active in Downtown PKB?

When I worked in Columbus, I was on the Main Street Delaware board where I became passionate about revitalizing downtowns and working on events that gave youth, young families and your everyday citizens something to do. When I moved home from Columbus in 2016 and met Wendy, I knew I wanted to be a part of Downtown PKB, too.

Q: On a professional note, in addition to the time you give to Downtown PKB you are the Executive Director of Wood County Economic Development. Could you tell us how that ties into your board member work?

Aside from sharing an office, I feel like my career and my board seat with Downtown PKB intertwine often. Every square inch of Wood County is important to me and since Parkersburg is the County seat and the 3rd to 4th (depending on the year) largest city in West Virginia, its downtown is very important. People want to live in nice, safe communities. Quality of life is also a critical component to economic development. Downtown PKB is working to provide quality of life components like fun events, public art, downtown cleanups and more that the whole community can enjoy.

Q: What about Downtown PKB appealed to you when joining our Board?

It’s really easy, especially in the age of the internet, to complain about your community or things you don’t like. Downtown PKB appealed to me when I was asked to join the board because they are not waiting for someone else to come along and work on things… they are the ones putting like-minded people together, discussing ideas and then bringing those ideas to fruition. I encourage local community members who have an interest in seeing our community thrive to volunteer at an event or serve on a committee to see how they can also be the change we need here locally.

Q: What is your favorite part about serving on Downtown PKB’s Board?

My initial thought was to make a joke and say the chip dip at the board meetings… but in all seriousness, my favorite part about serving on Downtown PKB’s board is seeing the great progress this organization is making. When I moved here 3.5 years ago, there were no downtown banners, no gateway signs, no selfie stations, no Edison lights across the 700 block of Market–this organization works every year to add new and better things to improve the look and feel of downtown Parkersburg. We still have work to do. We have recently partnered with my office to create a downtown layer in my property database to hopefully fill some vacant storefronts and are working on some exciting ways to draw attention to available spaces with signage, etc. I could go on all day but frankly, I’m excited for the future of Downtown PKB.

Q: What would you like to see in downtown in the future?

There are already three things that come to mind that are already in the works for downtown that should be publicly announced soon that I’m ecstatic about but beyond that, I would love to see more boutique retailers in downtown Parkersburg. Another thing I’d like to see is additional downtown housing in varying price ranges so we can cater to millennials, young families, seniors and whoever else wants the opportunity to live in a downtown environment.


Jessica Strickler is the events and marketing manager for Downtown PKB.