Amish romance bridges two worlds

Beth Wiseman continues her Amish Journeys series with “Listening to Love.”

Levi and Mary Shetler’s English friend, Natalie, is continuing her unlikely friendship with the couple and trying to make her way through college, which she is slowly starting to wonder if it was a good idea or not. She is also fighting with her feelings for Lucas, Levi’s older brother. Though he is Amish, she feels a bond she can’t shake with him, and knows the feeling is mutual. As they bond over books, their respective friends and family worry about how this relationship will end. Everything seems to be headed for disaster, as Natalie knows through her mother’s tangled love life, that relationships don’t always end well. But when things happen that make the two of them have to examine relationship, what will they choose? And when Natalie’s mother’s life takes another twist, can she help?

With empathetic characters and a thoughtful story, this is another good story in Wiseman’s series.

“Listening to Love” is published by Thomas Nelson. It is $15.99 and 320 pages.