Several new cookbooks for dietary needs

A Bean and Rice Burrito with Easy Enchilada Sauce from “30-Minute Frugal Vegan Recipes." (Photos by Amy Phelps)

Sometimes when you are on a specific way of eating, it can be hard to find new recipes. That’s where these new cookbooks come in!

First, for those who follow a vegan way of eating, or those who just want to eat more vegetables, there is “30-Minute Frugal Vegan Recipes” by Melissa Copeland, creator of popular vegan cooking blogs The Stingy Vegan and Cilantro & Citronella.

Copeland brings budget-friendly recipes that can be made quickly on any weeknight that bring vegetables front and center to the table.

With eight chapters of main dishes, pastas, soups and stews, salads, sandwiches, small bites, breakfast dishes and desserts, there is plenty of variety in this book that will get home cooks ready to try something new.

I made Bean and Rice Burritos with Easy Enchilada Sauce one weeknight, and everyone seemed to enjoy them. The bean filling was well-seasoned and didn’t leave anyone hungry.

A Strawberry Orange Banana Swirl Smoothie from “The Art of the Smoothie Bowl.” (Photos by Amy Phelps)

“30-Minute Frugal Vegan Recipes” is published by Page Street Publishing. It is $21.99.

For those who must eat gluten-free but still want to enjoy breads or breads that could easily be dessert, there is “The Gluten-Free Quick Breads Cookbook” by Sharon Lachendro, the creator of What the Fork food blog.

With 75 loaves of quick breads that require no kneading and are gluten-free and dairy-free, there is still plenty of texture and taste to these breads.

There are 11 varieties of banana breads, including the classic Banana Nut Bread, but there’s also Blueberry Banana Bread and Peanut Butter Banana Bread as a few of the extra options.

There are 11 varieties of chocolate breads, such as Chocolate Avocado Bread and Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Bread.

There are 11 cake varieties of breads, like Birthday Cake Quick Bread, Red Velvet Quick Bread and Carrot Cake Quick Bread to name a few.

There is also citrus breads, fruit and nut breads, holiday breads and even a gluten-free fry bread.

There is plenty to offer for those who want dessert or a quick bread, but don’t want the gluten or dairy.

“The Gluten-Free Quick Breads Cookbook” is published by Page Street Publishing. It is $21.99.

While smoothies aren’t a way of eating, they can be a good substitute for lunch or dinner for people who are looking to have less meat in their diet. In “The Art of the Smoothie Bowl” by Nicole Gaffney, the Food Network Star finalist brings quick and easy dishes to the table, and even has some vegan and gluten-free options.

With four chapters of smoothie recipes and one chapter based on homemade toppings alone, there is plenty to choose from in this book. There’s fruit smoothies like Cotton Candy Grape, Southern Peach and Pecan and Blueberry Mango Lassi. There are recipes for smoothies with special add ins like Black Magic that has activated charcoal powder in it, there are smoothies with added vegetables like Strawberry Lime Zucchini Basil or Sweet Potato Pecan. There are smoothies that taste like ice cream flavors like Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream and Black and White Cookie.

I made Strawberry Orange Banana Swirl for lunch one day. It made one bowl, but it was a very large bowl, and I had plenty with enough leftover for those at home who wanted to taste could have some. It was easy to make in the food processor and was a mix of orange juice, bananas and strawberries with some granola for garnish.

“The Art of the Smoothie Bowl” is published by Page Street Publishing and is $21.99.

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