Women’s fiction for summer

Two new women’s fiction books bring historic and present-day romances.

Rachel Fordham visits 1883 in “Yours Truly, Thomas.”

In the small town of Azure Springs, Iowa, Penny Ercanbeck has been a clerk in the dead letter office, sorting mail that has been deemed undeliverable and trying to place them. While reading about other people’s lives, she wishes she had more excitement in hers. When she begins reading letters from a heartbroken man named Thomas, searching for his lost love, she decides to try to help him. Little does she know that Thomas, living in Azure Springs, has been writing these letters never expecting a response. Can the letters bring two lonely people together?

With a great historic background and two sympathetic characters, this will appeal to many readers.

“Yours Truly, Thomas” is published by Revell. It is $15.99 and 320 pages long.


Abbi Waxman also tackles loneliness in “The Bookish Life of Nina Hill.”

Nina’s best friend is her cat and her books and has spent a quiet life as the only child of a single mother and dealing with social anxiety through pop culture. But when her father that she never knew dies, Nina discovers a family she never knew she had, with brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, and all nearby, who want to meet her! While speaking to strangers (even though they are relatives) is nightmarish to Nina, she is suddenly finding a new chapter in her life, and finds an even more unexpected one with her trivia nemesis Tom, who seems to want to get to know her more.

With a knowing look at introversion and plenty of love of books, this story will be a bibliophile’s dream.

“The Bookish Life of Nina Hill” is published by Berkley. It is $16 and is 332 pages long.


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