Cozies for July

There are several new cozy mysteries that are waiting to be read!

First is the continuation of the Amish Candy shop series by USA Today bestselling author Amanda Flower with “Toxic Toffee.”

This time, Bailey is finishing up a shoot in New York for her cable TV show and heading home to Harvest, Ohio, when the town schemer, Margot, calls with a new plan for a spring festival to get tourism up in their small town — and wants Bailey to create a large toffee rabbit to draw them in. As Margot gets a local Amish bunny farmer to bring his bunnies to the town square, he drops dead in the center of town, much to his son’s dismay. While everyone thinks it was a heart attack, it turns out that the culprit was poisoned toffee. But who would want to kill a rabbit farmer? Bailey is determined to find out with the help of her sheriff’s deputy boyfriend and the rest of the town’s cast of characters. But will someone not like Bailey’s snooping?

This is a funny series with a relatable heroine and plenty of characters that will make readers want to read more. Visiting the series is always like visiting an old friend. Flower is planning a new Amish mystery series, so Bailey and the gang may take a backseat for now.

“Toxic Toffee” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99 and is 286 pages long.


First in a new series, and also dealing with rabbits, is J.M. Griffin’s “Left Fur Dead.”

Jules has been running her rescue farm for injured or abused rabbits for a while, but she finds something special with a black and white rabbit named Bun — who is telepathic! And while out on a walk with her new furry friend, the pair happen across a dead body frozen stiff — it’s Arty the Mime who works children’s parties with Jules. But who would want to kill a mime? Is the children’s party circuit that competitive? It’s up to Jules and Bun to discover a killer before there’s another body found.

With a funny premise and an entertaining mystery, this is the start of a great new series.

“Left Fur Dead” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99 and 300 pages long.


Maddie Day brings a sixth book to her Country Store mysteries with “Strangled Eggs and Ham.”

Running a country store restaurant and bed and breakfast in the small town of South Lick, Robbie’s business appears to be booming. But there may be trouble when a real-estate developer, Fiona, decides to build a luxury resort on a nearby scenic hilltop, angering several in the small town, including Robbie’s Aunt Adele, who is planning all kinds of protests. When a lawyer that was staying at Robbie’s B&B ends up dead, there’s all sorts of trouble brought to her door. She’s going to need to catch a killer before the next body gets served up!

With a small town atmosphere and a spunky heroine this is the perfect cozy mystery.

“Strangled Eggs and Ham” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99 and 283 pages long.


Another new cozy series kicks off in Nantucket in “Murder’s No Votive Confidence” by Christin Brecher.

A candle store owner named Stella is known for creating specialty candles, and she has been chosen by bride-to-be Jessica to create a decorative centerpiece unity candle for the Memorial Day weekend wedding. Stella is looking to create a show stopper, but the show may really get stopped when the bride’s uncle, who was set to walk her down the aisle, is found murdered by Stella’s two-foot tall candle! Now no one is going to want to go to Stella’s shop and she’s looking to clear her name with the help of a reporter even if the hot cop in town doesn’t like her interference. Will Stella find the killer before someone trims her wick?

This is a perfect summer cozy with a lush setting and a fun heroine.

“Murder’s No Votive Confidence” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99 and is 282 pages long.


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