Beverly Elementary Center students named to honor roll

These Beverly-Center Elementary fourth grade students were named to the honor roll for the fourth nine weeks of the 2018-2019 school year:

Earning All A’s: Lucy Baker, Khoen Courson, Nina Freeman, Zachariah Holliday, Braxton Knoch, Aubrie Lang, Everett Sampson, Kali Shilling, Sydney Skinner, Roxi Strauss, Hannah Weiker, Adeline Willey, and Reagan Witten.

Earning All A’s and B’s: Liberty Anderson, Samuel Bricker, Kaedyn Dyar, Noah Garbo, Kaley Good, Brody Griffin, Abigail Huck, Ayden Lockhart, Kenna McCurdy, Braylon Meek, Elizabeth MIncks, Sophie Schalitz, Addison Steele, Christian Thieman, and Jonas Wilson.

Fourth graders earning all A’s all year were: Kohen Courson, Zachariah Holliday, Braxton Knoch, Aubrie Lang, Everett Sampson, Kali Shilling, Sydney Skinner, Hannah Weiker, and Reagan Witten.

Those earning all A’s and B’s all year were: Liberty Anderson, Lucy Baker, Nina Freeman, Kaley Good, Brody Griffin, Abigail Huck, Ayden Lockhart, Elizabeth Mincks, Braylon Meek, Addison Steele, Roxi Strauss, Adeline Willey, and Jonas Wilson.



Kindergarten students in Heidi Fryman’s room received these awards at their 2018-2019 graduation ceremony:

Super Skill Award Winners — 20 out of 20 skills — Rowan Beasley, Blake Campbell, Gavin Kiggans, Delilah Kincaide, Owen Lockhart, Iziah McKnight, Carter Smith, and Ashton Wallace.

“Fun” Awards were given to: Rowan Beasely — CVC Queen; Blake Campbell — Penmanship; Ayden Gilbert — Quiet Worker; Madelyn Jackson — Most Helpful; Gavin Kiggans — Storyteller; Delilah Kincaide — Great Negotiator; Owen Lockhart — Best Buddy; Jordan Long — Miles of Smiles; Iziah McKnight — Funny Bone; Easton Quimby — Best Listener; Bristol Sajdak-LaPan — Most Creative; Bryson Shafer — Speedy Worker; Carter Smith — Determination; Ashton Wallace — Bright Idea; Sophia Wells — Looking Ahead



St. John Central School is offering Life Line Screenings on Thursday, August 15. The five screenings include carotid artery ultrasound to look for plaque; heart rhythm screening to identify a heartbeat that isn’t regular; abdominal aortic aneurysm ultrasound to look in your stomach area for a dangerous enlargement in the largest blood vessel in your body; peripheral arterial disease screening to look for decreased blood flow in the arteries in you legs; and osteoporosis risk to look for weakness in your ones that could get worse.

The screenings are simple and painless as well as safe and accurate and take about an hour. The American Heart Association says 80% of strokes and heart disease can be prevented. Should the screening show plaque buildup, you and your doctor can make a plan to keep you healthy.

Please note, these screenings are not part of the Medicare program and insurance coverage is the responsibility of the patient. Screening results are provided to you within 21 days. Appointments for the screenings are required and can be made by calling 1-800-395-3920.


Sue Sampson is a longtime columnist for the Parkersburg News and Sentinel.