Op-ed: Women’s Care Center is a medical facility

The first amendment protects freedom of speech in our beloved country. In part, it states that “Congress shall make no law…abridging freedom of speech.” However, that freedom does not shield defamatory falsehoods published as fact in an op-ed in a local newspaper.

The op-ed in the June 16 edition of The Parkersburg News is one such example of, at least, a published mischaracterization, and at worse, a slanderous untruth.

Here is the whole truth. Women’s Care Center IS a health care facility with a medical director who is a licensed local, practicing physician. Our staff includes five registered nurses with current licensing and two with a BSN degree. Additionally, standing orders, medical policies, and procedures are reviewed regularly. Lab tests and medical treatments for sexually transmitted infections are provided as routine practice as are limited obstetrical ultrasounds.

The clear reason that the writer of the op-ed deceived the readers about Women’s Care Center is that we do not refer for or provide abortions. Perhaps it is inconceivable for those who are vigorously pro-abortion to believe that medical professionals can be life-affirming, convinced by the science of life that is evidenced more and more with technological advances.

Further, according to the West Virginia Women’s Right to Know Act, every pregnant woman has a right to be informed of physical and emotional risks of abortion, of carrying the pregnancy to term, an opportunity to view or decline the ultrasound picture of the baby. She also has the right to be informed of the various stages of fetal development. Women’s Care Center provides all this.

To validate the truth that we are a medical facility, outside medical facilities contact Women’s Care Center for lab and procedure results. Medical facilities, including the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department and Planned Parenthood, refer patients to Women’s Care Center. Thousands of patient surveys share positive experiences at Women’s Care Center.

Women’s Care Center established a sexual risk avoidance program in 2003 with a presence in Wood County Schools every year since touching nearly 3,000 students each year. The curriculum includes such topics as goal setting, communication, decision-making, refusal skills, media pressures, healthy lifestyles, protective behaviors, and emotional and physical consequences. All sources are medically accurate and evidence-based and include facts from the Centers for Disease Control. The sexual avoidance curriculum assists teachers in meeting wellness content standards, which identify what students shall know, understand, and be able to do in practicing skills and behavior that apply to healthy lifestyles and has never been documented as giving out unscientific, religiously motivated untrue reproductive health information as mentioned in the op-ed.

Just because you say something loud and long enough, does not make it accurate. One will find that pro-abortion individuals and groups work hard at spreading false accusations against those that believe differently than them. We at Women’s Care Center are proud to offer women in the Mid-Ohio Valley professional medical care from a life-affirming position, and that is a fact that cannot be denied.


Janet Kimes is executive director of Women’s Care Center. Dan Stevens is Chairman, WCC Board of Directors, and Wayne B Cayton, Jr., MD, FAAEM, FACEP is WCC Medical Director and honorary board member.