Take a seat with the PHS Foundation

Take a seat with the Parkersburg High School Foundation and help with the PHS auditorium renovation.

The PHS foundation was established in 1988 with a mission to encourage traditions and enhance excellence at Parkersburg High School. To date, the foundation has donated over $375.000 through teacher grants, capital improvements to the school as part of this mission.

In 2018 we continued an endeavor with the auditorium by upgrading the sound and lighting in the facilities. This along with the stage curtains that were replaced in 2013 were just the beginning. As the next phase of this project new seating will be installed on the main floor in the summer of 2019.

We would love for you to be a part of this opportunity and ask that you consider donating the cost of one or more chairs to help offset this expenditure in exchange you will receive a donor plaque in the auditorium and the honor of knowing you had a part in continuing the state of excellence synonymous with Parkersburg High School.

I’m a PHS Foundation member along with many great professional citizens that we work very well together, to make the PHS Foundation a huge success. I would love to have the honor to sell you a chair or chairs, and will be a donor plaque with a recognition, and we can put in honor, or in Memory or Class of…

It will make a great Mother’s Day gift or Graduation gift, or for any occasion … A gift that will last for many – many years .So text me or call me at 304-615 -5454..So don’t hesitate to go on line or call any PHS Foundation member.”

To purchase a seat for $250 each. You may pay by check : payable to Parkersburg High School Foundation PO Box 5515, Vienna, WV 26105 .. By credit card through Paypal go to: parkersburghighschoolfoundation.org and complete the form and payment online or email PHSFoundation1867@gmail.com and have a form sent to you to complete and mail a check…. Or call 304 916 0592 and complete over the phone…….All donations are tax deductible.



It seems as if I just wrote an article about Mother’s Day yesterday and it is hard to believe that it has been an entire year. Where did the year go? However I can write Mother’s Day articles every week…

MOTHER — the sweetest name of all

Mother = a person that is always there to listen to you when you have a question or a problem

Mother = always looking to take good care of you

Mother = the only person that may get upset with you but when she does she gets over being upset with you in no time

Mother = a person that hurts when you hurt and happy when you are happy

Do not ever say anything to your mother which you may live to regret someday

Mothers are special no matter what… so today make sure you do your best to let her know that she is the queen of the family…. Being a mother is a full time job and many times difficult job to teach their child to be respectful, good manners, good citizens,taking them to church, getting along with others and keeping away from all the bad things that take place in our world today.

Till next week


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