Truth Seeker: Paranormal or not, house still has history

Have you ever found yourself doing things that as a kid you never dreamed that you would be doing today?

One thing that I have noticed about myself is that growing up I never did enjoy reading or writing. I was always the one that wanted to be doing something. I am sure my English teachers would agree that I never really did excel in class. Some would probably say I just barely passed. But today I find myself writing the Truth Seeker column — not only writing it, but this column will complete the fifth year of doing it.

Another thing is that I never thought I would ever make a visit to New York City. But soon I will be making a trip not only to visit my son but to watch him graduate from college in New York City. This will not be my first or even second trip to the Big Apple but my sixth time being there, including two years ago when we made the trip to Times Square to watch the ball drop.

Even though I have made several trips to New York, there is something that I did not realize until recently that is not too far away from where I will be — a place that I truly never thought I would get a chance to see in person. Hopefully, if all goes well I will be able to make a small trip from there and see the Amityville house.

Yes, this is a private home now and I will respect the residents’ privacy. But for those who are unaware of the history of the home, it is a site of a multiple murder. On Nov. 13, 1974, it was reported that Ronald “Butch” Defeo Jr., at the age of 22, had murdered his parents while they slept. Along with them he took the lives of his two sisters and two brothers ranging from the ages of 9-18. Ronald Jr. pleaded guilty by insanity but was found guilty of six counts of second degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life for each count.

The home then sold and reports of paranormal activity began coming out. The activity at the home was reported to be so strong that it was thought to have been demonic. At that time many believed the home itself was what caused Ronald Jr. to have taken the lives of his family. The story gained so much attention that a book and a movie was created about the home.

But over time many of the paranormal accounts were found to have been made up, leaving the home as just a site of a multiple murder and not that of the paranormal.

Because of the attention it has received over the years many horror fans have made this a hot spot to see. Even though the paranormal is no longer associated with the home it does have a history, one that will never be forgotten in the small community of Amityville, N.Y.


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