Suburban noir is back with vengeance

Suburban noir returns this spring with several new titles that will make you wonder what your neighbors are up to!

Serial killers can be anyone — which is proven in the twisted debut “My Lovely Wife” by Samantha Downing.

Millicent seems like the picture perfect woman with two kids, a house in the suburbs and a 15-year marriage. But what no one knows is that Millicent and her husband have gotten away with murder years ago and have kept it up, a little secret to spice up the marriage. But when a woman’s body is found a year after she disappeared, Millicent’s husband wonders what his wife is up to. Was this a new way to spice things up? Or does she have some secrets she’s keeping from him, like he has with her?

A deliciously twisted story of two killers who seem like the perfect couple and the secrets they are both hiding, this begs to be made into a movie or TV series to binge watch.

“My Lovely Wife” is published by Berkley. It is $26 and 371 pages long.


A flight attendant will stop at nothing to get her boyfriend back — whether he likes or not — in “The Perfect Girlfriend” by Karen Hamilton.

Juliette and Nate were the perfect couple, that is, until Nate broke up with her six months ago. But Juliette won’t let him get away so easily and decides to follow him, including his job at the airline, to be close to him. And show him why they need to be together forever. Or else. How far will she go to make sure Nate is hers?

A chilling story that will keep you guessing, readers will become addicted to this one.

“The Perfect Girlfriend” is published by Graydon House. It is $16.99 and 336 pages long.


When a woman ends up dead her daughter-in-law seems to be a suspect in “The Mother-in-Law” by Sally Hepworth.

Lucy and Diana didn’t seem to get along from the moment they met. Lucy felt like Diana didn’t think she was good enough, and Diana felt like everything she tried messed up somehow with Lucy. But now, Diana is dead with a suicide note near her body, claiming cancer. But Diana didn’t have cancer. And since Lucy and she have shared words, Lucy seems like a prime suspect. But did Lucy know more about what was going on than she let on? Were she and Diana terrible enemies or close family members? Why would Diana disinherit all of her children and instead leave the money to her social justice causes?

This story takes a hard look at the complicated relationships family members can have and how everyone’s motivations can be different than how they appear. Readers will be drawn by the mystery and feel the emotion hidden within.

“The Mother-in-Law” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $27.99 and 352 pages long.


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