Look Back: Fun and fishing on the rivers

Historical newspaper excerpts from the Wood County Historical Society

Photo Provided The Kanawha River is joined by the Hughes. The area shown above, where the Hughes and Kanawha Rivers meet, was a popular fishing/recreation area for local clubs. It is uncertain whether it was fishing or fun that the local clubs thought most important.

The Little Kanawha Fishing Club will go into camp next Tuesday, a short distance above Leachtown. They own a splendid permanent camp there. The object of this camp is fun and fishes, and we are sure the members will have plenty of both.

Among those who will go up Tuesday are Otto Lehman, E.C. Gerwig, E.O. Hiehle, Henry Kurtz, Theo. Hiehle and Henry Hoffman.

The Parkersburg News

Sept. 10, 1892


Camp life

Twelve members of the Dauntless Club of the East End enjoyed an outing Sunday and incidentally made the trial trip in their new launch, the Dauntless. The party left the city about seven o’clock in the morning and went up the Kanawha river as far as Hughes river. The members spent about two hours there with the members of the Coon Hollow Club who were in camp on the Steed farm.

The return trip was then made, the members arriving home about eight o’clock in the evening after having enjoyed a very delightful time. It is the intention of the members to have excursions of this kind quite frequently this summer and plans are now being made for these future events.


Will return home

The members of the Coon Hollow and Jolly Eight Clubs of this portion of the city [East End] who have been having a joint outing up the Kanawha river at the junction of the Hughes and Little Kanawha rivers will return home this evening on the seven o’clock Little Kanawha river train. John Keltnecker, who returned from the camp yesterday, reported that the members were having a great time. They will bring a large string of fish home with them as a result of their endeavors on the trip. It has been one of the most successful excursions of its kind ever held by this organization since it has been in existence.

The Parkersburg Sentinel

July 5, 1906


Week’s outing

A delightful outing of several weeks will be taken by some of the members of the Spot Cash fishing club and their families, who will go into camp near the Government lock at Creston. The party which leaves Sunday, will be composed of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Kincheloe, Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Woodyard and son Charles, Mr. and Mrs. William Dudley and son, Oswald, and Mr. and Mrs. C. Skidmore and daughter, and probably several others. The party will leave here on a boat and the club boat at Leachtown will be towed to the camp for the accommodation of the members during the time they are enjoying the outing.

The Parkersburg Sentinel

June 14, 1912


Charter issued

A charter has been issued by the secretary of state to the Friendship Rod and Gun Club of Parkersburg, the purpose of which is to maintain an organization for social purposes and to provide for their own and their friends’ pleasures a camp which will be occupied during the summer months. The incorporators are F.P. Nuckles, W.T. Groety, A.J. Carnes, C.H. Groety, N.H. Byrd, all of Parkersburg.

The young men have a location on the Kanawha near the first lock, where they have been in camp for some time.

The Parkersburg Sentinel

Aug. 22, 1912


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