Future is ahead of us day by day

As I’m writing this I’m in San Antonio, Texas with the Shale Crescent USA Team at the World Petrochemical Conference (WPC). This conference has over 1,500+ attendees from 40 countries. It is truly a “World” conference. There is a lot of ethnic diversity. No one cares about gender, race, skin tone or culture. The focus in on business and learning from each other. We talked to people from every continent except Antarctica.

For Shale Crescent USA, this was a good week. We had already set up meetings every day with high level executive decision makers from our prospect companies. Our job is to educate them on advantages of being in the Shale Crescent USA Region and give them our hard data that they can use in decision making. If they haven’t already met the WV Development Office, Jobs Ohio and the Polymer Alliance Zone folks who were all here we made the introduction. These organizations can then work with the prospect on sites and economic development packages. Shale Crescent USA stays involved in the process. Typically, prospects will have questions or require more technical information from our studies or have other needs that we can help them with because of our expertise and network contacts.

When Shale Crescent USA first came to WPC in 2017. We didn’t know anyone and they didn’t know us. That changed last year because of the notoriety we received from our IHSMarkit Study that was presented on the main stage. Last year executive level decision makers were willing to meet with us. This year it was easier to set up those kinds of meetings. In addition, we had companies call or email us to request a meeting.

Our lunch presentation, “Disruption of the Petrochemical Profitability Equation” had standing room only. We had to turn people away because the room was full. No one left the presentation early. We spent almost an hour answering questions and talking to those who wanted to know more about our Region. Most important this event attracted high level representatives from our target market companies, many of whom were foreign, who would have been difficult to meet face to face.

The WPC was an excellent opportunity to follow up with our leads and prospects face to face and attract new leads and prospects. We are not strangers any more. At breaks or receptions people know who we are and approach us to visit, ask questions and continue discussions.

We leave San Antonio with a number of new opportunities and have advanced others. Remember this is a long process requiring many months and several years in a lot of cases. These are major decisions for companies requiring time and hard data. This is much different than selling light bulbs when I was a Boy Scout or products and services in my former career lives. To bring in the companies and the high wage jobs we want requires consistent contacts over a long period of time and building strong relationships. The key to success is to stay the course and not quit.

Even once companies make the decision to come to Shale Crescent USA, this is the beginning of the process to select a site, select contractors get permits and do all of the other things so they can start construction and get in operation. This is not a short process.

This week’s WPC in San Antonio allowed us to continue the dialog with our prospects and leads. We have added to our prospect list. We are still marketing but now most of our time is spent in sales. Shale Crescent USA is earning the respect of the petrochemical industry for our technical expertise and our willingness to help companies interested in coming here. Large companies are looking seriously at the Shale Crescent USA Region. It will take a Team of government, labor, local companies and Shale Crescent USA to close these deals and bring in the good jobs we need. In just two years we have created awareness of our Region. Now we have to become the Region of choice.

Our future is ahead of us. Success does not happen in a day. It happens by what we do day by day. Thoughts to ponder.


Greg Kozera, gkozera@shalecrescentusa.com is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Shale Crescent USA. He is a professional engineer who has over 40 years of experience in the energy industry. Greg is a leadership expert with a Masters in Environmental Engineering and the author of four books and numerous published articles.