Even beginners can make bread

Photo by Amy Phelps Cheddar and Old Bay Butter-Topped Drop Biscuits

I have had trouble ever making bread. My struggles have been widely chronicled. So when “2-Ingredient Miracle Dough Cookbook” came along, I thought surely even I can’t mess this up!

A lower-carb book by Erin Renouf Mylorie, the two ingredients are self-rising flour – which you can buy or make your own – and Greek yogurt. If you want a vegan dough, you can use a vegan alternative Greek yogurt.

The two-ingredient dough then mixes with other ingredients, depending on what kind of bread or pastry you want to make.

The book is divided into three chapters: Breads, Rolls, Bagels and Buns; Flatbreads, Pizzas and Main Dish Breads and Sweets and Treats.

Breads, Rolls, Bagels and Buns has recipes for Garlic and Cheddar Bagel Twists, Pita Pockets with Cucumber Raita, Rustic Olive, Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Loaf, Soft and Buttery Dinner Rolls and Poppy Seed Hamburger Buns to name a few.

Photo by Amy Phelps Octoberfest Cheesy Mustard-Wrapped Brats

Flatbreads, Pizzas and Main Dish Breads offer Caramelized Onion, Asiago and Rosemary Focaccia, California Pizza with Fresh Greens, Olives and Avocado and Three-Cheese Empanadas as a few examples.

Sweets and Treats ends things with Raspberry-Orange Breakfast Rolls, Caramel-Apple Kuchen and Orange Creamsicle Loaf Cake.

One evening I made Cheddar and Old Bay Butter-Topped Drop Biscuits as they seemed the easiest of the breads and hopefully that meant I would not mess them up. I also made my own self-rising flour. To the main dough I just added some butter and cheese. These mixed together and then got dropped onto the baking sheet. The seasoning and more butter went on top and then baked. That was it. Everyone at home loved them and asked me to make them again sometime. They were exactly like restaurant biscuits and all were eaten.

Another night for dinner I made Octoberfest Cheesy Mustard-Wrapped Brats. These were basically like pigs in a blanket but with brats. I think I needed a bit more dough because I didn’t wrap them quite enough, but they were still good and I enjoyed them – though I had to leave the mustard on the side so everyone would at least try them!

I am wanting to get back into this book and try some dinner rolls next and see if I can overcome my bread issues.

“2-Ingredient Miracle Dough Cookbook” is published by Page Street. It is $21.99.


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